Friday, November 05, 2010

Should the Phillies Think About Cliff Lee


Cliff Lee World Series 2010

Lee in a Phillies uniform was so brief, but so brilliant



I had an interesting discussion about the Phillies happened today. A good buddy proposed that the Phillies should go after Cliff Lee now. I immediately thought about the New York Yankees. The Yankees do business like this, they go after each high priced free agent without regard to price or reality. It will probably be the Yankees who will end up with Cliff Lee.

The Phillies don’t have room for a Cliff Lee on the payroll as it stands right now. Moving a top named player will be the only way the Phillies would ever be able to land him. After the loss in this year’s NLCS, this may be easier to do than if the Phillies had won the World Series.

The Phils do have a few guys that could be moved. I don’t want to name any names, but I think no one on the team would be considered untouchable if pursuing Lee was one of the goals of the organization.

Obviously, I think a Cliff Lee coming into this rotation would be awesome. It might be one of the greatest rotations since the Braves rotation of Smoltz, Glavine, and Maddux. At what price would he come back to the Phillies?

Numbers that were thrown around on the World Series broadcast were in the 22-24 million dollar per year range. Seeing a team pay that kind of money will be something different, but that is the number that’s being thrown around.

I think you can directly relate Cliff Lee’s presence on the 2009 team greatly contributed to the Phillies in the postseason. His performances were flawless, and his trade shocked us all. His appearance on two teams back to back to go to the World Series is in itself interesting. He looks so comfortable in this role now, I know he would like to go back to the World Series again next year, and whatever team ends up with Cliff Lee is going to have a great chance in making the World Series too.

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