Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Price of Success, Phillies Announce 2011 Ticket Prices

Brad Lidge, Phillies 2010 vs Nationals
Seeing Lidge pitch in person in 2011?, the price just went up

The price of a baseball game just went up in Philadelphia again for 2011. No, it isn’t the same outrageous prices that the New York ballparks are charging to get in to see their teams, but it’s a substantial increase in the amount of money we used to pay at Veteran’s Stadium.

Want to sit between anywhere in the first level between 1st and 3rd base? That will be $65 a seat please. I remember the top price of a ticket at the Vet used to be about $27 not too long ago. So much for inflation and the success of this ballclub that has brought the fans back in numbers that haven’t been seen in years by the team during the past 4 seasons.

Even the outfield seat is getting to be at a premium, regular admission without getting a season plan is $36 per seat. 

Alright, the ballpark may be sold out, would you like to stand for the whole game? That will cost you $17 for each ticket. Didn’t the Vet let you sit down on a seat for $5.00?

The success of the team has been great, and the ticket prices are starting to mimic that. When it first opened, the ballpark wasn’t overpriced, but I think this year is the year that these prices are going to be felt. The economy is good, but you’d never know it going to a baseball game. Want a beer? Last year it was $7.25 each last year at the stadium, throw in a bag of peanuts for $6.00 and it’ll be over $20 for two beers and a bag of peanuts.

There is a lot of millionaire ballplayers on the Phillies now, soon the fans will have to be millionaires to be able to go to some ballgames with their families. Consider a family of 4, that’s $260.00 for 4 seats in the 1st to 3rd baseball first level, parking at $15.00, and another $15 each for a hot dog, soda, and pretzel. Grand total for all of this fun for a 2 1/2 hr. game is $335.00.

Here’s the pricing for the first level in 2011 for regular seats without season plan

2011 Phillies Location Pricing
Diamond Club - Sold Out
Hall of Fame - Sold Out
Infield 115-132 $65
Baseline 112-114/133-135 $50
Baseline 108-111/136-139 $47
Outfield 101-107/140-148 $36

The top priced tickets for football, basketball, and hockey in Philadelphia all are higher that these Phillies tickets. The baseball game in Philly is still the most affordable option for the fan who wants to sit in a better seat. With that said, I think there is a definite concern amongst season ticket holders of all types, full and partial that may think that their plan is now getting to be too much. We'll see what happens as time goes on with the team and the price of tickets.

I've had a Sunday plan for 4 years, it started off at $650 for two seats for the plan, it is now up to almost $900 for the same seats for the pair. That's a steep rise in only a few years.

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