Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Jon Miller and Joe Morgan no longer on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball

  Great job guys, by the way … your old and you’re fired. That’s what ESPN did for long time broadcasters of the Sunday Night Baseball show on ESPN. I can’t believe that ESPN would treat these two veterans like this. Over 20 years on the broadcast of this show, and suddenly it’s going to be silence. No more colorful announcing from both of these guys, no sir, ESPN has got to attract the ‘youth’.

Well, I for one will not be watching ESPN Sunday Night baseball next season. Number one is most of the games really suck as far as the games that they pick. They may as well set up a permanent shop in Boston and New York for the Yankees because that’s the two teams that are always on this show.

ESPN should be ashamed of themselves, the stellar job that both Miller and Morgan have done has been thrown away like a used bag of popcorn. The duo were on Sunday Night Baseball for 21 seasons, and deserved a better send off than this.

Jon Miller had just been awarded the Ford C. Frick award for broadcasting by the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2010, I guess that didn’t do enough to sway the big wigs at ESPN. 

No word officially on who will be succeeding Miller and Morgan, but I won't be watching whoever it is. Orel Hershiser is rumored to be staying on, and I think he's about as interesting as toast.

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