Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Werth: I may be a Phillie next year



      Jayson Werth is a top talent in this offseason

Call it what you will. Jayson Werth announced that he may again be a Phillies player next year. Ruben Amaro is quoted in the press as saying that the Phillies can afford Werth who is at the end of a four year contract with the Phillies and is currently soliciting offers from other teams.

Jayson contracted the services of the most controversial but successful agents in baseball, Scott Boras. He is known as a tough negotiator and a guy that gets the most for his player, even if it’s not in his best own interest to go to a team.

A lot of mixed stories appeared in the press just after the Phillies run in the playoffs was over. One of them is the one mentioned above, that Jayson Werth may actually return to the Phils.

He will make a lot more than he did the last two years if he does. When Jayson originally signed with the Phillies, he was a journeyman in search of a home. A kind of ‘Cody Ross’ type player who’s name was known but hadn’t yet achieved that superstar status of coveted ‘free agent’. That has all changed for Werth now, as he has strung together a couple of nice seasons to be measured by.

Werth may be eyeing the kind of contract that Boras got for Matt Holiday, a really huge $120 million for seven years in St. Louis. I don’t think Werth is going to garner that attention. He has said himself, he ‘wants to take things slow.’ Read that as meaning that he wants to consider all comers and then sit back and see what benefits him most. The Phillies could cast out an offer, but that offer won’t last forever. If such an offer is rebuked, the Phillies want to know who they are putting out in right field as soon as possible for 2011.

This story about Werth will be told again and again in the press, and rumor central. The only time we really will know if Werth is coming back to Philly will be the day that such a contract is announced. Until then, it’s Werth Mania taking over in the free agency market. Will some big players approach Boras with some cash? Will Werth be as successful when he goes away from the Phillies? We can only sit back and see what happens.

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