Saturday, October 02, 2010

Phillies Win – Braves Cling To Wild Card Madness

Does The Braves Wild Card Get Lost in SF Mist?

  I would not like to see the Braves in this year’s playoffs. A team takes on a new face during the playoffs, and with the Braves being in the same division as the Phillies, I just as well would like to see the Braves go home instead of advancing into the playoffs.

  The Braves and the Phillies will have met 18 times during the season this year. The Phillies now have a 9-7 edge in the series, with 2 games remaining.


NL Wild Card Madness as Braves cling to top spot

The Phillies win last night and the Padres win last night sent a very important message to the Braves. The lead for the Wild Card that the Braves have enjoyed is not safe.

  The Braves have to win, and the Padres have to lose to give the Braves a berth into the playoffs. There are other scenarios also. There could be a one game playoff for the Wild Card between the Padres and Braves even if the Braves go 0-3 in the series with the Phillies. The Padres would have to win at least one more game if that were to happen. The other scenario is this: the Braves go 1-2 for the series with the Phillies and the Padres go 3-0. This would also force a playoff game for the  NL West between the Padres and Giants and then force a game with the loser of that game to face the Braves for a one game playoff for the Wild Card. Any playoff game would be played in Atlanta, if it is necessary for the Wild Card.

  Braves 2nd baseman, Martin Prado, has been out on the DL and will be for the rest of the regular season and the playoffs if the Braves make it. It’s hard to believe but the Braves, who have won 90 games so far, will not make the playoffs after they had such a tremendous run in 2010, if the Padres can continue to win and luck changes in regards to the Braves lead at 1 game in the Wild Card.

Phillies Just Short of 100 wins on Season in 2010

   The Phillies as a team will not win 100 games this year, but they’ll be very close to this mark. Very well done considering the team had dipped into third place in a crucial part of the season and it looked very bleak for them at that time. The Phillies have been in first place for a total of 66 days on the season. The Phillies rose up from second place to regain the division lead from the Braves on September 7th, and never looked back.

Month of September Wins Division For Phillies

The month of September was the difference in the whole season for the Phillies. They were healthy again, and turned in a 21-6 or .778 WP for the month of September.

  Roy Halladay started the Phillies season off in 2010 with a win on Opening Day back on April 5th against the Washington Nationals. He pitched in the game that won the division for the Phillies just a few nights ago, on September 27th. There was only 14,309 fans there at the ballpark officially to see the Phillies clinch in Washington.

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