Thursday, October 21, 2010

Phillies Loss Puts Them At Brink



   Halladay is tabbed to extend Phillies season



Phils lose 6-5 in heartbreaker by the bay walk-off style


The Phillies tried every way to win last night’s game, it just didn’t work out that way. The offense answered back when needed to tie and regain the lead when needed during the game.

The Phil’s team was just beaten by a hungrier team, who appear destined for a World Series appearance now that they have pushed this series to the brink for the Phillies. The Giants are the hungrier team in this series.

Now, just one more loss stands in the way of the Phillies elimination from the postseason. It’s something that hardly any one really considered a very real possibility when the series started.


Manuel lost faith in Brad Lidge

There will be speculation and talk about what could have been done in the series by Charlie Manuel. Bringing Roy Oswalt into the game in the 9th inning, a territory that he is unfamiliar with at best, Manuel’s seemingly unending support of Brad Lidge now just a fading memory.

This Phillies team peaked in September. There was no hotter team in baseball at that time. The bats then went cold after the nearly week long wait for the NLCS to begin after the Phillies won an NLDS that was more handed to them by the Reds than the Phillies domination of that team on offense.

This series is not over, the Phils could extend their season by winning of course. They would need to run the table on the Giants. A game by game approach and string together 3 wins to mount an improbable comeback in this NLCS. It could happen, unlikely, but it could.


NLCS Game 5 is tonight at 7:30 PM

Game 5 is at 7:30 PM tonight in the Philly area. We may be seeing the Phillies for the last time on the field with a loss. The season was a long one. It will still be filled with memories and be respected by the baseball fans who saw the Phils team have many ups and downs over the year. We may also see a team that is resilient enough to bring this series back to Philadelphia and go game by game to try and salvage this series and advance the Phils into the World Series.  

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