Monday, October 11, 2010

Phillies Advance to NLCS and Giants or Braves

The Phillies made it look easy against the Reds in the NLDS. It was a clean sweep by the Phillies.

Home field advantage certainly played a part in the series win, but the Phillies still won three games against a young Reds team, who looked like they would be destined for better things in this year’s playoffs.

The Reds reminded me of the team the Phillies had in 2007. The talented team that the Phillies had in 2007 made it to the playoffs, but once there, it was a quick appearance and before you knew it they were out of it.

Cole Hamels on his big win last night courtesy of ESPN

NLCS Schedule:

Game 1 - SF/ATL @ PHI Saturday, October 16 FOX TBA

Game 2 - SF/ATL @ PHI Sunday, October 17 FOX TBA

Game 3 - PHI @ SF/ATL Tuesday, October 19 FOX TBA

Game 4 - PHI @ SF/ATL Wednesday, October 20 FOX TBA

Game 5* - PHI @ SF/ATL Thursday, October 21 FOX TBA

Game 6* - SF/ATL @ PHI Saturday, October 23 FOX TBA

Game 7* - SF/ATL @ PHI Sunday, October 24 FOX TBA

Almost a week off now for the Phillies as the NLCS awaits next.

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