Sunday, October 24, 2010

Painful Loss In Game 6 of NLCS Ends 2010 Season for Phillies

San Francisco advances to the World Series, with a 3-2 win in Game 6 of the NLCS

The season is finally over for the Phillies. They went out and looked like they were going to win this game straight out of the gate tonight. That is not what happened.

Despite scoring 2 runs in the first inning, the Phillies just couldn't get the job done as the bats could do no more in this pivotal game that the Phillies just couldn't get out of the collective funk that this team played through the whole series.

The team left 20 runners on base tonight, (as did the Giants) the Phillies had so many opportunities but couldn't cash in on enough of them to beat the Giants to force a Game 7. The Phils had 2-11 with RISP on the night.

Cole Hamels would have faced the Giants in the Game 7, but it is all moot now that the series is over and the hungrier and opportunistic Giant baseball team won their first NL Pennant since 2002.

The loss also means the end of the line for Jayson Werth in a Phillies uniform, who has elected to test the free agency market and who also hired one of the greediest guys in baseball in my opinion, Scott Boras.

A lot of other questions with this loss have popped up as well. Some of the questions have to be what happened to all of the Phillies batters who just couldn't get anything happening in this series.

Charlie Manuel's managerial tactics are also in question after this series. He did nothing to help stop Cody Ross, who just went out there are almost single handily went out there and beat this Phillies team by himself.

Ryan Howard's strikeout with 2 strikes on him in the bottom of the 9th is painful as any strikeout we've ever seen him have. No home runs for Howard, though he sprinkled a few hits in the series, he didn't carry this team at all when he was needed the most. Howard had 3 strikeouts in this game tonight, and 12 strikeouts in 22 AB's in the series. Not only did Howard have no home runs, he didn't even have an RBI in this series. That is more than painful, and is just unacceptable from a guy earning what he does.

Chase Utley finished the series with a .182 average. It was his glove that surprised many though. He was below average and not his typical self on defense. It just didn't seem like this was the Chase Utley that we all know. Utley had only 1 RBI in the NLCS for the Phillies.

Raul Ibanez was as bad as he has ever been. He finished with a .211 BA in the series. Raul also had 0 HR's and 0 RBI's. You can't expect to win like this.

It was pitching that kept this Phillies team in this series at all. They deserve an A+ in this series. The offense deserves an F- , one of the worst collective efforts by a team on offense that any Phillies playoff team to date.

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  1. "The offense deserves an F- , one of the worst collective efforts by a team on offense that any Phillies playoff team to date."

    How quickly 2007 has been forgotten.