Monday, October 25, 2010

Images of the NLCS Loss By Phillies

The images will play back over and over in our minds, but if we forget them a little, here's some of the photos from Game 6 of the NLCS, heartbreaking loss by the Phillies.

Thanks to MyPHL17 for the photos!

It had to be Ryan Howard to make the last out for 2010, but it wasn't just him that couldn't win this series.

Howard stood at the plate after the called third strike for a long time,

Victorino looked like he had the perfect catch until, it bobbled out of his glove and onto the ground

The HR by Uribe, did that fan reach over the rail for that ball?

The awesome catch in foul ground by Werth who slid right into the fenced gate 

Manuel believed his team was going to Game 7, they would have if they had only hit and scored more

Yes, these images will be in the minds of Phillies fans all winter. There is a team that is going to win and a team that is going to lose though. This year, the Phillies peaked in September. October was another story for them. Next season is feeling like it's years away, but it isn't. Come Spring of 2011, we'll be back to see them, the Phillies faithful, another run, another season. It's memories like these you don't forget, the happy, and the sad. There's no crying in baseball, there's no crying in baseball.

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