Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Here's the Latest News In Fox vs Cablevision NLCS Shutout

Most of us in the Philadelphia Tri-state area had too many problems viewing the series between the Phillies and the Giants. Cablevision subcribers haven't been that lucky though and here's the story about it from the FCC with the latest on the dispute.

From the FCC on their website

What Cablevision Subscribers Should Know About Receiving Fox-Owned Stations WNYW (NY), WWOR (NJ) & WTXF (PA)

Cablevision and Fox had an agreement for Cablevision to carry WNYW, WWOR, and WTXF that expired at 11:59 pm EDT on October 15, 2010. They have been negotiating to renew that agreement, but failed to reach a new agreement before the deadline. As a result, Cablevision stopped carrying WNYW, WWOR, and WTXF. This dispute affects only Cablevision subscribers who wish to view programming on WNYW, WWOR, and WTXF. It does not affect Cablevision’s other programming, except as otherwise described below. If Cablevision and Fox reach a new agreement in the future, the affected programming may be restored to Cablevision’s system.


Cable and satellite operators carry local television broadcast stations based on contracts with the stations. When these contracts end, the parties extend or renew the contract. In almost all cases, agreement is reached and the station is carried without interruption. On some occasions, the operator and the station fail to reach an agreement, and the cable or satellite operator must drop the station until an agreement is reached. These are private agreements, though federal law requires the parties to negotiate with each other in good faith.

What can I do while WNYW, WWOR, and WTXF are not available on Cablevision systems?

If you wish to view WNYW, WWOR, or WTXF, you may be able to use one of the following options to continue viewing the station:

1. Subscribe to another pay service that is carrying the station. In the affected areas, other available pay services include: AT&T, DIRECTV, DISH Network, RCN (limited areas of Brooklyn), and Verizon FIOS. NOTE: Not all of these pay service providers are available throughout Cablevision's service areas in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. You should contact the pay service provider to determine whether they provide service to your residence. In addition, you should be aware that DISH's agreement for these stations is set to expire on November 1 unless a new agreement is reached between DISH and Fox.

2. Watch the station (and other broadcasting stations) over the air using an antenna and a digital television.

3. Watch the station (and other broadcasting stations) over the air using an antenna and an analog television attached to a digital-to-analog converter box.

How can I watch a station over the air without a pay TV subscription?

To watch a television station over the air, you need either:

• A digital TV set


• An analog TV set connected to a digital-to-analog converter box

In either case, you will need an appropriate antenna connected to the TV set or the converter box. Depending on your location, this could be either an outdoor rooftop antenna or an indoor antenna.

To check for the over-the-air signals that can be received at your location, use the DTV Reception Maps available at http://www.dtv.gov/maps/.

For more information on antennas, see the Antenna Guide at http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/consumerfacts/dtvantennas.html/

Why do I need a converter box if I have an analog TV set?

• Federal law required that by June 12, 2009, all full-power TV broadcast stations stop broadcasting in analog format and broadcast only in digital format. Although cable subscribers can still rely on analog TVs to work with their cable systems, if you are using an analog-only TV and want to watch a station over the air, you will need to use a converter box that receives the digital signals broadcast over the air and converts them so that you can see them on your analog TV.

• Converter boxes may be available from consumer electronics retailers in your community and online.

Are any other networks part of the negotiations between Cablevision and Fox?

The negotiations between Cablevision and Fox also include certain cable networks: Fox Business, Nat Geo Wild, and Fox Deportes. Given Cablevision and Fox's failure to renew or extend their agreement for these cable networks by 11:59 pm EDT on October 15, 2010, Cablevision also stopped carrying those networks. Cable networks are not governed by the FCC's retransmission consent rules, and unlike broadcast television stations, they are not available over the air. They may, however, be available from the other pay TV services listed above. You can find out from the pay TV providers serving your area what programming networks they carry.

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  1. Phils Phans at the Jersey Shore are watching games at local sports bars and plan to send their bar tab to Cablevision !! This is terrible.