Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hamels vs Cueto for NLDS Game 3 Tonight


  It may be one of the best pitching matchups of the series. Cole Hamels for the Phillies and Johnny Cueto for the Reds.

It’s the Phillies chance to sweep the series tonight in Cincinnati for their third berth into the NLCS in the last three years.

Hamels brings a 6-0 record into tonight’s game when he is pitching against the Reds.

Cueto said yesterday during a press conference, "I'm going to throw a nice game," he said. "I'm going to do my job."

  So this sets the stage for a great pitching matchup for tonight’s game in the Queen City. The last playoff game played in Cincinnati was in 1995 when the Reds got swept in the NLCS vs. the Atlanta Braves.

 Parking for fans will be an adventure in the area, there are three major events going on in the area. The Bengals are hosting the Bucanneers and Disney On Ice is perfoming in the city all combined with the Reds vs Phillies.

  Cole Hamels spoke yesterday in a press conference about the great relationship all of the Phillies have had with catcher, Carlos Ruiz.

“I was fortunate enough to be with him in the minor leagues and throw to him a few times, instructional leagues and in spring training. And I think he's come about becoming the full package as a catcher. You know, most catchers, either they can catch really well or hit really well. And they try to work out the rest of their kinks to manage.”

“But he's really -- he's learned every individual pitcher and I think that really does help just for the fact that he can anticipate with you when hitters are -- when you get into a situation, especially a crunch situation where you don't necessarily want to have to look for a sign, you just kinda know what you're going to go, and his gut instinct about what to call in those situations has come about.”

“Then he's been able to pick up his hitting. And that's been huge, to have a player like that. He's going to be great in the field and then great on offense.”

  Cole then addressed the fact that he is surrounded by great pitching with Roy Oswalt, and Roy Halladay and what that means to him.

“You know I, think being able to have Cliff Lee and Pedro on the same pitching staff last year, I was definitely able to pick up something from those guys because of the caliber that Pedro has been through. And Cliff Lee, with him being able to come about winning the Cy Young and dominating in the postseason.”

“And then when you have a guy as the caliber of Halladay, I guess everybody knows what to expect. But at this same point, you have to go out there and produce, and he does it time in and time out, and he'll surprise you.”

“I've watched Roy Oswalt pitch, pitched against him and to have him on the team, that just kind of makes things -- it makes things -- puts things into a better scenario, because you have two guys who love to win, will compete at the highest level, and know what it takes to win.”

“And then to be able to pitch with those guys, I think you can learn a lot just for the fact that you have guys that you can count on. You don't have to pull -- you don't have to do as much just for the fact, because you can pitch your own game. You don't have to try to go above and beyond and try to be the hero. And I think that's when guys get in trouble, when they at that try to be the hero. They're not pitching themselves. And when you have guys that compete, you just have to go out there and compete and be yourself and things will happen.”

Thanks to MLB Advanced Media for the pregame interview with Cole Hamels in this Game 3 of the NLDS.

Reds Record Against Phillies

Overall Reds vs. Phillies record and recent matchups:
   (from Cincinnati Reds Press Notes)

All-Time: .................................1,047-849
At Great American Ball Park: .....12-16
At Citizens Bank Park: ..................8-17
In 2010: ..............................................2-5
At Great American Ball Park: .........2-1
At Citizens Bank Park: ....................0-4
* Regular season since 1900
Postseason Record vs Phillies*
Overall: ...............................................3-2
At Veterans Stadium:..........................2-0
At Citizens Bank Park: ........................0-2
At Riverfront Stadium: ........................1-0
At Great American Ball Park: ..............0-0
* 1976 NLCS, 2010 NLDS

2010 Results vs Phillies

6/28 at Cin W, 7-3 Cueto/Kendrick
6/29 at Cin L, 6-9 (10) Lidge/Rhodes/Romero
6/30 at Cin W, 4-3 Rhodes/Halladay/Cordero
7/8 at Phi L, 3-4 (12) Figueroa/Smith
7/9 at Phi L, 7-9 (10) Madson/Rhodes
7/10 at Phi L, 0-1 (11) Contreras/Bray
7/11 at Phi L, 0-1 Hamels/Maloney/Lidge
G1 at Phi L, 0-4 Halladay/Volquez
G2 at Phi L, 4-7 Contreras/Chapman/Lidge

Super Sunday TV Package: The game is on TBS, but watch the Pre and Post Games on Comcast Sports Net in the Philly Tri-State Area:

Comcast SportsNet's Lineup for Sunday, October 10
6 pm                     SportsNite (one hour)
7p-820p                SUPER COMBO – Eagles Pregame Live and Phillies Pregame Live
10 pm                    SportsNite
11:15 pm              Phillies Postgame Live (immediately after the Phillies game ends)
11:35pm               Eagles Postgame Live (immediately after the Eagles game ends)
1 am                       SportsRise 

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