Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Halladay vs Volquez in Game 1 of NLDS Tonight

            What ESPN thinks about this series

It all comes down to this tonight in Philadelphia. It’s Game 1 of the NLDS. Roy Halladay is pitching for the Phillies, it will be his first postseason game in his career. This stat in itself is hard to believe, a pitcher who has pitched as well as he has for his career, but not tested in the playoffs yet. Halladay will get the chance to experience the postseason tonight, and it’s what he signed with the Phillies for nearly a year ago.

The Cincinnati Reds are a formidable opponent. They are young, and full of anticipation as they get their chance to shine in the playoffs as well. This team has pulled together under manager Dusty Baker, and is a force to be reckoned with. Baker was asked about the postseason experience and how he thinks his players will handle it, and he thought they would be fine.

"But you never know how people will react," Baker said. "The one thing I do is urge them to be nervous, but don't be scared."

"That's what Hank Aaron told me years ago. That's probably the best advice I had in a clutch type of situation."

Names like Joey Votto, and Jay Bruce, aren’t that well known but they are the type of players that have done well all season. We all know the type of player Scott Rolen is also, he used to be on the Phillies team.

The weather will be chilly for the start of the series. The temperatures last night in Philadelphia were in the low 50’s and they be there again tonight for the start of the series.

Charlie Manuel had some fun with the press yesterday. When asked about the Phillies chances against the Reds, and being informed by the reporter that the Phillies were one of the best team’s in baseball, he said, "That's good,  if we've got the best team in baseball, then more than likely, we shouldn't have any trouble then."

ESPN writers have all picked the Phillies in this series, and not one have selected the Reds. So I hope they have all pooled their baseball knowledge together to come up with that pick.

It’s Game 1 tonight at 5:07 PM in Philadelphia. The Reds and the Phillies, it’s October baseball.

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