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Halladay Makes History with No-Hitter vs. Reds In Game 1

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Pregame speculation of Halladay’s first postseason experience

A lot of speculation before Game 1 of the NLDS centered around Roy Halladay, and would he live up to the expectations people had for him in the postseason.

   After all, it was Halladay’s first appearance in the postseason, and tonight he’s done something that not many pitchers have done in the postseason. That something is a no hitter that he threw on Wednesday night at the Cincinnati Reds.

Halladay makes history books with first pitcher to throw a perfect game in regular season and no-hitter in postseason

It was only the second game in history of the postseason that a pitcher has been able to throw a ‘no hitter’ at an opposing team. In fact, Halladay was so close to a perfect game, it was ridiculous. He only allowed one walk in this game. Incidentally, the other pitcher that pitched a no hitter during the playoffs was Don Larson. Larson did it for the Yankees in 1956. Halladay’s perfect game he pitched back on May 29th, 2010 earned him the special spot of being the only pitcher to ever have a perfect game in the regular season and no-hitter in the postseason.

“Why were you so effective this evening?”, ESPN asked Roy Halladay after the game. “We were aggressive. We were throwing a lot of pitches for strikes, and Ruiz has done a great job all year. We mixed pitches well, I thought, we showed some off speed early and in middle innings.”

The Phillies offense was early in this game. They scored in the first inning, and second inning and stunned the younger Reds team. The Reds looked off balance most of the game, mostly due to Halladay’s pitching. Halladay's pitches were described on ESPN radio during the game, as ‘nasty.’

As for the Reds, they looked star struck in Game 1. This series is far from over but the Reds looked like they were caught in the headlights. There were some early runs by the Phillies, and the Reds just could not answer in this one.

The series continues on Friday night, with a 6:05 PM start. Roy Oswalt takes the ball for the Phillies. If anyone has faced the Reds, it would be Roy Oswalt, as he has been on the Astros for years in the NL Central.

Roy Oswalt has to watch out for Joey Votto. Votto has a .333 career average against him. In 30 AB’s, Votto has 2 HR and 7 RBI, along with 1 BB.

  The Reds will come out and try to play their best baseball in Game 2, they don’t want to go back to Cincinnati in a 2-0 hole. 
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@acpresssusan_l (Susan Lulgjuraj from The Press of Atlantic City)
guess no one told the Reds about second base at CBP. 5:43PM
Halladay is not even sweating. This is too easy. 7:27 PM
I'm kind of shaking. That was amazing. 7:43 PM

@toddzolecki (Todd Zolecki covers the Phillies for
Jayson Werth works a nine-pitch at-bat before grounding out. Finished fourth in majors with 4.36 pitches per plate appearance. 5:43 PM
Roy Halladay in Game 1: 12 up, 12 down, 43 pitches. He's been brilliant so far. 6:24 PM
WOW! Roy Halladay throws a no-hitter! Second no-hitter in postseason history! 7:42 PM

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