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Final Day Of Regular Season 2010 For Phillies, Wild Card Up For Grabs As Braves Stumble

Bobby Cox Says Thank You for Thirty Years and Congrats Phillies on NL Division  

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  Call it a stumble, or flat out call it a major choke, but the Atlanta Braves had a somewhat comfortable lead in the Wild Card have found themselves in a messy tie now with the Padres and possibly the Giants.

  The Phillies put the finishing touches on another win last night in Atlanta 7-0. The Braves were honoring Bobby Cox before the game, and he is probably glad he is retiring after seeing what has happened to the Braves over this weekend.

  It took a while for the Phillies to start scoring in the game last night. The game was a pitcher’s duel up to the 7th inning. The Phillies then got down to business by scoring 4 runs by playing ‘small ball’ and hitting singles and scoring runners. The Phils scored 3 more the rest of the way, and the Phils shut out the Braves 7-0.

NL Wild Card 2010 Possible Scenarios

The Braves loss last night, combined with the Padres winning have forced an interesting scenario in the NL Wild Card race. The Padres can still win the NL West if they win today. The Giants have stumbled out in San Francisco by not being able to put the Padres away and if the Padres win on Sunday, it will force a one game playoff for the NL West Division winner. If the Braves lose today against the Phillies, and the Padres win, it is over for the Braves. The Braves have to win today to have a chance in the Wild Card. Here is the sordid details of all the possibilities and outcomes right from

• If the Padres win and Braves win Sunday, there will be a three-team tiebreaker -- the first in Major League history. The Giants would face the Padres on Monday in San Diego for the NL West title. The loser travels to Atlanta for a game Tuesday with that winner being the Wild Card entry.

• If the Padres win and Braves lose, the Padres and Giants would tie for the West title. But because the Padres own a better head-to-head record against the Giants in 2010, the Padres would win the NL West and have home-field advantage in the first round against the Reds. In this scenario, the Giants would be the Wild Card entry.

• If the Giants and Braves win, the Giants win the NL West and the Braves are the Wild Card entry. The Padres would be finished for the season.

• If the Padres and Braves lose, the Padres would travel to Atlanta for a one-game playoff Monday to determine the Wild Card entry.
The Phillies will have a one, two punch going for them in the final game of the regular season in Atlanta. The Phils will have Cole Hamels start the game, and after a few innings, Roy Oswalt will get some work in also. It was announced that Charlie Manuel wanted to rest Chase Utley and Ryan Howard in this final game, but we’ll have to see if that is what happens today.

  What a season for the Phillies in 2010. The highs and the lows. It all goes into making a Major League season, and we’ll look at this great season by the Phillies over the next couple days here at

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