Sunday, September 19, 2010

Werth Hits Walk-Off For Sweep, Braves To Face 'H2O'

Listen to the radio call of the 'Walk Off' win here:

  Jayson Werth joked in the press room about the fans that left before the Phillies won their game today at Citizen's Bank Park. He told all of them to 'fess up' about leaving, yes, I was one of them. I beat the parking lot jam up at the ballpark and have the DVR rolling at home so I can finish up the game at home and what a finish it was! I had the game on XM Radio in the car going back over the bridge to New Jersey. I had the game on my Android phone on the ESPN Sports App baseball page when they won it at the diner we were eating at, and my father called me just as they won it, as he knew I had left. That's how much some fans will follow the game. The 'Walk Off' home run has got to be one of the best ways to win a baseball game.
 A far cry from the days (not so long ago)  when we were catching the game on the television if it was televised and maybe if you were out of the house or working, hearing it on the radio if you were within the antenna distance of one of the radio stations that carries the Phillies in the tri-state area. You had to wait to the next day to read the box score in the newspaper, and see the photos of the game. Everything is so instant now. Even listening to this radio archive someone posted to the internet and is available in this post, was something that would have never been able to happen just a few years ago. Most of the radio broadcasts of years of Phillies games are probably still travelling through space but never to be heard again because no one saved them back many years ago.
 The Phillies have been doing well on Sunday at Citizens Bank Park, they are 70-25 overall, since the Phillies opened the park in 2004, with the win today. Jayson Werth had a chance to break the game open in the 7th inning, but it wasn't to be, he struck out. He didn't strike out in the 9th though with a runner on and the Phillies down by one run. He delivered, he took many pitches and fouled some off, then he gave one hit ball a long ride into the setting Philadlelphia sun, over the fence, and made a lot of people happy. Fans at the ballpark, fans on the way home from the ballpark, and fans who just sit at home and watch them, or listen on the radio.  
This was Jayson's second walk-off home run of his career, and his second as a Phillie. The first one came on July 21st, 2009. Werth is having quite a year, when it's all said and done. It's going to be sad, if and when he leaves the Phillies, he's earned that special place in fan's hearts now. He's tough, he's a gamer, he is a Phillie.
I heard this one on the way home on the Phillies postgame radio show. The Phillies putting up their pitching line up of 'H2O' vs. the Braves. Halladay, Hamels, and Oswalt. That's some creative thinking, and it's a hell of a 1,2,3 punch to throw at the Braves. We'll see how that goes on Monday night at 7:05 PM.

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