Thursday, September 23, 2010

Expanding The Wild Card To 2 Teams – Just Say ‘No’



  I am sort of a baseball purist, I don’t like change with the way things are run now in the MLB. I kind of like the Wild Card race the way it is. The idea of having all of the division winners and the one wild card winner in each league makes the most sense. It makes the season mean more. If too many teams make the playoffs, it becomes a farce.

  Such things as these are discussed more and more in the offseason of baseball by the MLB, and even though it may mean more revenue, I don’t think it’s in the best interest of the sport. One is reminded of this with the NHL playoffs, it makes the regular season seem meaningless when you have six weeks of playoffs with so many teams in it, you may as well just have them all in it.

  Yes, teams may just miss the playoffs one year, but that is baseball. It is what brings us back to the ballpark next year in many cities to see our team and hope they get better to reach the playoffs. This isn’t a problem Phillies fans have had in the last couple of years but it’s still something that a lot of teams and their fans are going through.   


   Jayson Werth may feel his stock has risen, and it should have. Jayson Stark, ESPN baseball writer, surveyed some teams and their executives and unless they are keeping it a secret, Jayson’s name is not all that highly touted amongst them for free agency. According to a poll that Stark relayed recently in one of his columns, he is one of the less sought after players who will be free agents after this season. Can the Phillies end up with him after all?


Who will get to manage two of the top teams in the NL East? There will be rare opportunities for managers jobs in Atlanta, and probably New York after the season. Bobby Cox has managed the Braves forever, and Jerry Manuel will probably be relieved of his duties by the Mets at the end of the season. Joe Torre, who has resigned from the LA Dodgers, may be a favorite for one of those jobs. He stated he wanted to be home more, but if the opportunity is there, I wouldn’t rule him out for either job. It’s a very exciting time for would-be managers for these two power teams.

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