Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Phillies Opponent In NLDS Is ...

Phillies Oppponent In NLDS Still A Mystery

The Phillies must wait to see who they will face in the NLDS round until the Giants vs. Padres series is wrapped up. The Giants only need to win one game against the Padres, and they will win the divison in the NL West. The Phillies team got to pick which NLDS playoff schedule it was going to play by virtue of having the best record, and Charlie Manuel opted for the longer series of the two possible choices, which is an 8 day total NLDS, if it goes all five games.

If the Reds continue to win, they won't be the team that the Phillies have to face in the first round, and the Reds have been one of the hottest teams in baseball this year. They remind me of the 2008 Phillies, the team doesn't have a lot of million dollar ball players, but they all play well together and have done so well all year. One thing is for sure, Game 1 and 2 of the series with the Phillies will be in Philadelphia on October 6th and 8th. All the games for the Division Series will be on television and broadcast by TBS. A Game 5 in this Division Series would return to be played in Philadelphia.

NLDS Opponents Schedule

 The two division winners with the best records will host Games 1, 2 and 5. The wildcard team and the lowest division winner will host Games 3 and 4. The matchups for the series will be the NL team with the best record vs. the NL wildcard team and The NL division winner with the 2nd best record vs. The NL division winner with the third best record. If, however the NL team with the best record is from the same division as the wildcard team, the matchup will be the most winning division champion vs. least winning division champion in one series and the wildcard team facing the 2nd most winning division champion in the other series.

Source: wikipedia

Who is on the NLDS Phillies roster?

Spirited debate is starting on who the Phillies should carry for the first round of the playoffs. At Todd Zolecki's MLB blog - he favors 11 pitchers and a toss up for the bench spot with Greg Dobbs or Domonic Brown. This weekend's series in Atlanta will give the Phillies plenty of time to decide who is in and who isn't. I think Dobbs will be the odd man out, due to his horrible year, but you never know. Dobbs did come through for the Phillies before, so we still may see him on the roster.

Fox Sports will use 'flying cameras' for coverage during the playoffs and World Series as reported by the Yahoo Sports blog Big League Stew. This doesn't sound like that great of an idea. Especially since these items tend to get in the path of flying baseballs. Nonetheless, the Fox Sports crew will be testing the cams this weekend in Atlanta for the Phillies vs. Atlanta series. It's been said that the series in Atlanta is not all that meaningful to the Phillies, but it really is. The Phillies would like to sweep the Braves out of the Wild Card spot if they can, and take them out of the playoff picture, of course the Padres would have to win also. So it will still be an interesting watch this weekend to see what happens with the Braves and the Padres.

Earlier start to Game 3 of the World Series announced by Fox and MLB

The MLB announced that Game 3 of this year's World Series will start earlier to allow the game to be viewed in prime time and that it would end earlier, allowing a younger fan base to stay up to watch it. The game time is moved up to 6:57 PM for the scheduled Saturday, October 30th game.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Phillies Talk - internet radio show/podcast: 4th Time Is A Charm

Join us for tonight's show as we celebrate the 4th NL East crown in a row by the Phillies. We also talk about the Cy Young Award, and Roy Halladay. We also talk about the 2011 schedule, and much more with this special edition of 'Phillies Talk' - the independent show that talks about the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team.

Monday, September 27, 2010

4 Times NL Champs - 2010 Phillies Win NL East in Washington DC


       A photo collage from the past few seasons, all culminating into tonight's 4th straight NL East Win - on the road in Washington DC! Congrats to the Phillies, their fans, and everyone who covers the Phillies in the blogs on the internet, we spend hours of our own time to bring you our passion!

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hamels Implodes, Clinching NL East Must Happen On Road

Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips (4) slaps hands with teammate Ryan Hanigan (29) after hitting a 2-run home run against the San Diego Padres in the 6th inning during their MLB National League baseball game in San Diego, California September 26, 2010.    REUTERS/Mike Blake  (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASEBALL)

Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips (4) slaps hands with teammate Ryan Hanigan (29) after hitting a 2-run home run against the San Diego Padres in the 6th inning during their MLB National League baseball game in San Diego, California September 26, 2010.    REUTERS/Mike Blake  (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASEBALL)

Phillies Clinch 'Playoff' Spot Thanks To Reds

The champagne will still be cold. The party will still go on. It won't happen at Citizens Bank Park though, as the Phillies couldn't beat the Mets on Sunday in front of their hometown crowd. You could see that the Phils just didn't have it in them early on in the game.

 Cole Hamels looked rushed on the mound. He pitched dangerously, appeared angry and got caught. This was not the Cole Hamels that we've seen for the last half of the summer. It was like the pitcher who we saw in his last five starts didn't show up on Sunday in Philadelphia. Yes, the umpire seemed to be calling a terrible game for pitches. This wasn't good and Hamels ended up giving up 9 hits in just 4 innings pitched. Cole also sprinkled in 3 BB's and gave up 2 HR.

 From the 4th inning on wasn't too much better for the Phils. Chase Utley came through with a 3 run home run to right field to bring the Phillies close, but it just wasn't meant to be for the Phils to win this game for their last regular season home game. The magic of the winning streak has vanished, and this game appeared like many others that we've seen from this team, of not being able to overcome a deficit.

 The crowd didn't have that pop right from the first pitch either. There needed to be two things to happen today for the Phillies to clinch: the Braves had to lose to the Nationals and the Phillies had to win. When the score was flashed when the Braves had the lead, a cautious crowd clapped enthusiastically but that was brief. A few times during the game, the home town sellout crowd erupted into ferocious applause, but it didn't seem like the crowd that was there in 2007 when the Phillies won the NL East at home on the last day of the season.

 On Sunday night, it was determined that the Phillies will be in the playoffs. This was insured with a Reds win over the Padres. The Phillies will be no worse than the Wild Card. Of course if they lose this division that would not be good, although the odds are so against that happening.

 That's great news that the Phillies will be in the playoffs officially. Many fans have already thought that this was already decided anyway, but now it is official.

 The final games of the season are coming up. Six more games stand in the way of the postseason for the Phillies. Three games with the pesky Nationals, and three with the Braves. The weather may force a doubleheader with the Nats, as Monday appears to call for rain.


Another Chance to Clinch Sunday

  Werth May Be Playing His Final Regular Season Home Game on Sunday for Phils

Remember in 2007, when the season went down to the last game of the regular season with the Phillies winning the NL East Crown at home? It could be the same scenario on Sunday at Citizen’s Bank, as the Phillies lost on Saturday night against the Mets, and the Braves won during the day and beat the Nationals. The ‘magic number’ is still at 2, which means the Phillies must win tomorrow, and the Braves lose for the Phils to win the NL East Crown at home.

I still remember the atmosphere in 2007 at the ballpark, it was one of the most exciting games I’ve ever been at. To say it was ‘electric’ would be an understatement.

The Phillies could have put themselves in a position to win at home with just a win, but now that they lost on Saturday night- the only way they clinch at home is Braves lose, and Phils win for Sunday. The Braves of course are playing the Nationals.

The loss ended the longest winning streak of the year for the Phillies. They won 11 in a row on this torrid pace that they’ve set in September already. The team is at 19-4 for the month, and it looks like only one more win will put the Phillies into one of their best single month record ever recorded.

The game tonight had a minor blip on the Mets vs. Phillies radar. A slide into second base by Chase Utley in game 1 of the series on Friday night wasn’t appreciated by some Mets, and though they didn’t try to deck Utley, some Mets players made it known that they didn’t care for it.

Phillies Geoff Jenkins booth
  Geoff Jenkins joined Chris Wheeler and Tom McCarthy last night in the booth

Cole Hamels will have a chance to give the Phillies a win on Sunday and with a Braves loss, give the Phillies their 4th straight Division title. Hamels’ has been pitching great for several starts now, and he’s going to close out the regular season out at home for the Phillies at 1:35 PM on Sunday. There will be six more games remaining on the schedule, the Phils will travel to Washington and then Atlanta to finish up the regular season.


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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Phillies On The Doorstep of 4th NL East Crown In A Row

Philadelphia Phillies Jayson Werth (R) and Carlos Ruiz celebrate after Werth scored the game-winning run against the Atlanta Braves during the eighth inning of their National League MLB baseball game in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, September 22, 2010. REUTERS/Tim Shaffer (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASEBALL)
Philadelphia Phillies Jayson Werth (R) and Carlos Ruiz celebrate after Werth scored the game-winning run against the Atlanta Braves during the eighth inning of their National League MLB baseball game in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, September 22, 2010. REUTERS/Tim Shaffer (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASEBALL)
Werth Looks To Further Phillies in Final Week

The Phillies are about to do something that's never been done before in Phillies history. The Phils are about to win their 4th NL East crown in a row. Since the Phillies came into existence in 1883, the team has won a NL East title 3 times in a row during the 1976-'77-'78 seasons, and again in 2007,'08,'09. This will be the first time that it's been done 4 times in a row.

Tom McCarthy, Phillies broadcaster, stated last night that this is perhaps the greatest time in Phillies history. I think he is right. It's about pride now, and the Phillies players seem full of it.

The Phils have been called, "The Yankees of the National League." I am not so sure what that means in context of how people are saying it. Certainly, the Phillies have had success in playing baseball on the field, but is it meant more by the style of signings that the Phillies have made in the last few years.

The Phillies management has scouted players on their pitching staff who want to have the chance to win a World Championship. Every team has a chance at that championship when the season starts, they all start out with a 0-0 record. The Phillies though have had success, so Halladay and Oswalt maybe gravitated towards the Phillies team for that reason.

Just a few weeks ago, the Phillies seemed like the playoffs may only be reached by the means of the wild card berth. A lot of writers and pundits that commentate on mlb baseball, had almost written the Phillies off for winning the NL East Crown. Now with only a week left in the regular season, the Phils have turned it all around and appear to be poised to win their 4th NL East crown in a row. Yes, it's a marvelous time to be a Phillies fan!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Expanding The Wild Card To 2 Teams – Just Say ‘No’



  I am sort of a baseball purist, I don’t like change with the way things are run now in the MLB. I kind of like the Wild Card race the way it is. The idea of having all of the division winners and the one wild card winner in each league makes the most sense. It makes the season mean more. If too many teams make the playoffs, it becomes a farce.

  Such things as these are discussed more and more in the offseason of baseball by the MLB, and even though it may mean more revenue, I don’t think it’s in the best interest of the sport. One is reminded of this with the NHL playoffs, it makes the regular season seem meaningless when you have six weeks of playoffs with so many teams in it, you may as well just have them all in it.

  Yes, teams may just miss the playoffs one year, but that is baseball. It is what brings us back to the ballpark next year in many cities to see our team and hope they get better to reach the playoffs. This isn’t a problem Phillies fans have had in the last couple of years but it’s still something that a lot of teams and their fans are going through.   


   Jayson Werth may feel his stock has risen, and it should have. Jayson Stark, ESPN baseball writer, surveyed some teams and their executives and unless they are keeping it a secret, Jayson’s name is not all that highly touted amongst them for free agency. According to a poll that Stark relayed recently in one of his columns, he is one of the less sought after players who will be free agents after this season. Can the Phillies end up with him after all?


Who will get to manage two of the top teams in the NL East? There will be rare opportunities for managers jobs in Atlanta, and probably New York after the season. Bobby Cox has managed the Braves forever, and Jerry Manuel will probably be relieved of his duties by the Mets at the end of the season. Joe Torre, who has resigned from the LA Dodgers, may be a favorite for one of those jobs. He stated he wanted to be home more, but if the opportunity is there, I wouldn’t rule him out for either job. It’s a very exciting time for would-be managers for these two power teams.

Oswalt Strong -10th Win In A Row For Phillies

    The addition of Roy Oswalt has been nothing short of spectacular. Since arriving on the Phillies scene, Oswalt has done nothing but win ballgames. In 11 starts for the Phillies, Oswalt has 7 wins. Last night, Oswalt pitched 7 innings and only gave up 1 hit. The Phillies couldn't score before 'The Wizard of Os' as Oswalt is nicknamed, was lifted, though the Phillies went on to score 1 run in the game to win 1-0.

    Here is Roy's pitching ledger as a Phillie prior to last night's start:

RkGcarGtmDate ▾TmOppRsltInngsDecDRIPHR
1313148Sep 17PHIWSNW,9-1GS-6W(13-13)46.061
2312144Sep 12PHI@NYMW,3-0SHOW(12-13)59.040
3311139Sep 6(2)PHIFLAW,7-4GS-7W(11-13)47.064
4310133Sep 1PHI@LADW,5-1GS-7W(10-13)46.110
5309128Aug 27PHI@SDPW,3-2GS-848.051
6308123Aug 22PHIWSNW,6-0GS-7W(9-13)47.050
7307118Aug 17PHISFGW,9-3GS-7W(8-13)57.063
8306113Aug 11PHILADW,2-0GS-7W(7-13)57.050
9305108Aug 5PHI@FLAW,5-4GS-756.132
10304103Jul 30PHI@WSNL,1-8GS-6L(6-13)56.075
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Generated 9/23/2010.

It was the 10th win in a row by the Phillies which is also their longest winning streak on the season. It couldn't have happened at a better time. The Braves were swept at home in Philadelphia for the first time since 2001.

An off day on Thursday for the Phillies, then the NY Mets are in for the weekend series. The Phillies are now 6 games up on the Braves and it appears that they will win their 4th NL East crown in a row. The Braves have stumbled so badly in this series, they may find themselves out of the playoffs all together, they are only a 1/2 game up on the Giants for the Wild Card spot now.