Monday, August 23, 2010

Video Phlashback: Lenny Dykstra on the 1993 World Series on Letterman

  The video flashback goes back to 1993, soon after the Phillies lost the World Series to Toronto. It's the great Lenny Dykstra, known as "Nails." It's David Letterman interviewing Dykstra, who was a colorful character on that 1993 team. He also has a World Series ring from the 1986 Mets victory, though he didn't get one in a Phillies uniform.

 Dykstra went on to a financial career after baseball, and it didn't turn out as he expected. He had been an investor in real estate, and when the real estate market went bust a couple of years ago, Lenny had to file for bankrupcy and start picking up the pieces again. Here's a somewhat sobering article on Lenny  from a business website on his bankruptcy proceedings.

 Here is Dykstra as he looks now:


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  1. Crowd, for NY, was pro-Lenny... possibly the Met connection, possibly Phillies Nation went up the Turnpike in droves...