Sunday, August 22, 2010

Phillies Wives Auction Off Gift Bags for Charity

These Gift Bags were a Phillies fan's dream

See all of the neat items included in this auction item for charity

A signed copy of Cole Hamels SI magazine and much more in this cool gift bag

                                                           pics. R.Baxter

The Phillies won this afternoon's game with the Washington Nationals, even with the 1 hour and 44 minute rain delay.

The Phillies Wives Charities also won today at the ballpark, all while raising money for charity. It was the silent auction on some really cool gift bags that were auctioned off today. These gift bags had plenty of autographed memorabilia from your favorite Phillies players and coaches. By cool, I mean: an iPod nano with Ryan Howard's signature on the outside of the container, oh yes there was an iTunes gift card and plenty of extras in this 'gift box'! How about a gift certificate to 'Ulta' for women that was signed, a jersey, hat, and some books, all signed by the big man, Ryan Howard. When I left the auction somewhat early in the afternoon, this 'gift box' was up to $1300.00 for the bid.

Also cool was the Brad Lidge 'Gift bag'. This one had a Sony PS3, and some other really great autographed items included, also a jersey and hat. Lidge's was one of my favorites. He also is allied with the Food Bank, which is a charity that gives people a chance to afford high quality vegetables and foods for better prices and more.

 How about a first base signed by Cole Hamels? Or all of the Phillies coaches and manager with some signed memorabilia and books? It was all here today in this fine auction. There was even a raffle for some smaller goodies that cost a whole lot less than one of these awesome gift bags! All separate gift bags and some truly one of a kind collection of items.

It was well done by the Phillies Wives Charity, bravo to them for a job well done today at the ballpark.

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