Thursday, August 12, 2010

Phillies Talk Podcast - Oswalt's Win and The LA Series

Listen to this week's edition of Phillies Talk - we celebrate Roy Oswalt's first win as a Phillie! The Dodgers are in town, and it's been a great series so far, despite the Phillies dropping the first game. The games have been action packed, could this be a prelude to the playoffs again?

The SF Giants come to town soon, and we are interested to see the new superstar, Buster Posey. Jimmy thinks we may miss Lincecum, although we aren't afraid to face him in the series!

The Phillies comeback to win in Game 3 of the Dodger series as this podcast was posted, was one of the greatest comebacks all year by the Phils, and perhaps one of the greatest comebacks in a few years. The Phillies rallied back to win 10-9 in the bottom of the ninth.

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