Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fashionable Phillies beat the Giants in Game 1

The Phillies have an off day every once and a while. The time could be spent relaxing, and getting away from the game for a while, but more often than not, the Phillies still carry on with charitable functions as a team on their days off. One such charitable function was held on Monday, this one was a fashion show put on by Shane Victorino and his Shane Victorino Foundation to benefit underprivileged children in Hawaii and Philadelphia.

Check out the fashionable Phillies threads worn by the players from Monday night, courtesy of WPHL, click here to see the whole gallery. Here are a few pics below of some of the night's events.

Ryan Howard sporting the 'red' motif with some lovely models

JC Romero and wife take to the stage

Cole Hamels and Harold Reynolds have fun

The Phillies beat the Giants in Game 1 of the 3 game series in Philly last night. It was win #2 in a Phillies uniform for Roy Oswalt who kept the Giants in check. Pat Burrell strolled to the plate and promptly did what he did so many times as a Phillies player, he hit a long fly into the left field stands to give the Giants an early lead. The Phillies surpassed this score though and won handily, 9-3, beating Barry Zito who has been miserable as a Giants pitcher since they signed him for a gazilllion dollars a few years ago.

 Game 2 of the series will be tonight, weather permitting, at 7:05 pm. Joe Blanton and Matt Cain square off in this one. 

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