Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dickey stymies Phillies and Hamels gets no support again

Cole Hamels should sue for ‘non-support.’ The Phillies barely escaped getting no hit last night in New York and it was only Cole Hamels that managed to get a hit off of Mets pitcher, R.A. Dickey. To add insult to injury, as well as the Phillies hit Dickey in Philadelphia only a couple days ago, they could not manage to score against him at Citi Field. The Phillies lost 1-0 as the offense that roared back to beat the LA Dodgers in dramatic fashion the previous night, couldn’t get any runs across the plate.

  Cole Hamels should be used to this by now. The Phillies have now scored 0-2 runs for Cole in 9 games during Cole’s 23 starts this season so far. The last 8 games that Cole has started for the Phillies have produced 5 overall wins for the Phillies, and Cole only has a 1-2 record to show for it. Prior to last night, with the loss for Hamels, there has been a total of 4 no decisions in a row for Hamels, and the Phillies ended up winning all four of those games. Three times this season during Cole’s starts, the Phillies have scored 0 runs.
Here is Cole’s season log so far thanks for

1Apr 7PHI@WSNW,8-4GS-5W(1-0)5.0532453.60
2Apr 12PHIWSNW,7-4GS-6W(2-0)5.2644165.06
3Apr 18PHIFLAL,0-2GS-9L(2-1)8.0722083.86
4Apr 23PHI@ARIL,4-7GS-6L(2-2)6.0866175.11
5Apr 28PHI@SFGW,7-6GS-66.09444105.28
6May 4PHISTLW,2-1GS-98.0811284.42
7May 9PHIATLW,5-3GS-5W(3-2)5.0833454.53
8May 16PHI@MILW,4-2GS-7W(4-2)6.2622334.29
9May 21PHIBOSW,5-1GS-7W(5-2)7.0311183.92
10May 27PHI@NYML,0-3GS-7L(5-3)6.1932133.82
11Jun 1PHI@ATLL,3-7GS-1L(5-4)0.2233114.20
12Jun 7PHISDPL,1-3GS-8L(5-5)8.0322263.98
13Jun 13PHI@BOSW,5-3GS-7W(6-5)7.0511283.74
14Jun 19PHIMINL,10-13GS-77.0543273.75
15Jun 26PHITORL,1-5GS-4L(6-6)4.0755334.08
16Jul 1PHI@PITL,2-3GS-7L(6-7)7.0533284.07
17Jul 6PHIATLL,3-6GS-77.0833284.05
18Jul 11PHICINW,1-0GS-8W(7-7)7.2600333.78
19Jul 17PHI@CHCW,4-1GS-77.0811263.63
20Jul 22PHI@STLW,2-0GS-88.0100173.40
21Jul 27PHIARIW,9-5GS-55.0633483.48
22Aug 1PHI@WSNW,6-4GS-77.06440103.56
23Aug 7PHINYML,0-1GS-7L(7-8)7.06110113.45
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 The Phillies haven't fared too well at Citi Field, for some reason they just can't get going in this ballpark. Philllies game announcer,Tom McCarthy, last night noted on the Phillies game broadcast, that it's been no runs for the Phillies in 36 innings now at Citi Field. 

 Chase Utley has been chomping at the bit to get back to the Phillies team from the DL. We may see him back by next week according to several reports in the press. The Phils will be back at full strength by September when Ryan Howard returns to the team also. The Phils haven't done all that poorly though when these star players took a seat on the bench. The Phils have been red hot lately, winnng 15 of their last 20 games.

 It's a "Halladay" for the Phillies tonight in New York. The Mets are putting up Pat Misch against Roy Halladay, and the Amazin's remain 9 GB from the Braves.   



  1. The Phillies played the dodgers the previous night.

  2. Make sure that doesn't make it in the magazine!

  3. You're right! My bad, I didn't have my coffee in me yet! Mistake corrected :)