Thursday, July 01, 2010

Scratched and Dented; Phillies take it Game by Game

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Manuel takes out Cole at the drop of a hat, but leaves Halladay in too long recently

   The Phillies were always a team to take things in stride. Always a team to take each game day by day. Nothing is closer to the truth now as this is the only way the Phillies can approach games as they have been hit hard by the injuries this season.

   For the last few years, the Phillies have had various injuries to players, but this year it seems like the injuries have increased to key players and without others stepping up to fill these key roles the Phils could find themselves in deep trouble.

 Injuries plague the 2010 Phillies as the 'core' grows older:
  • Jimmy Rollins - 2 DL trips this year for right calf strain
  • Brad Lidge - started off on DL didn't appear for Phillies until 5/31/10
  • JC Romero - started off on DL didn't appear until 4/22/10
  • JA Happ - went to DL in April - not back yet but has made 5 rehab starts in minors
  • Ryan Madson - 'Don't go kicking trashcans' - he's still on the DL with broken toe
  • Antonio Bastardo - on DL but still with team
  • Carlos Ruiz - took a broken bat off the helmut and head, tests still say 'No go' for return
  • Chad Durbin - strained hammy, starting rehab
  • Placido Polanco - left elbow inflammed, on DL
  • Chase Utley - thumb and hand issues, out up to 8 weeks

  What more can happen to the Phillies this year with health troubles? Charlie Manuel still takes it all in stride saying recently, "We'll be alright", but Charlie himself has been suspended and fined for one game which he served tonight for excessive arguing balls and strikes recently and he had this to say about it, "I said quite a bit to CB," in reference to Tuesday night's game, and "I was screaming at him cause he kept saying, 'That ball's not low.' The ball was low. He called some bad ones all night." That got him the suspension and he's been very agitated recently by getting thrown out of ballgames a number of times.

  I am brewing up an article that is in reference to Roy Halladay's 'iron horse' approach to wanting to pitch the whole game, and how it is starting to cost the Phillies games. He's been giving up a lot of hits and home runs in recent starts and I think it is hurting the Phillies more by leaving him in all of the time. It's about time Charlie puts the brakes on this. For example, the last time Halladay pitched, he gives up 2 runs and it's a 3-2 ballgame late, and he's left in there. Why? He goes on the lose it 4-3, and it's been happening a few times already.  

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