Sunday, July 11, 2010

Phils sweep Reds, and do something more rare than seeing Haley’s Comet

The Phillies have had a couple good breaks in the last few games. They've pulled out some late and extra inning thrillers, have had things go more their way and have kept pace with the Atlanta Braves. This is exactly what they needed going into the All Star Break here in 2010.

This afternoon in Philly, it was hot. Hotter than a firecracker, and the Phillies team was hot too. They pulled off a feat that is actually rarer than being able to see Haley's Comet from Earth. Halley's Comet is seen at least once every 75-76 years. Today with the 1-0 win for the Phillies, the team done something that hasn't been done since 1913. According to the Elias Sports Bureau that keeps track of all these things, not only did they win the first three games against the Reds with game ending extra inning hits, they won back to back games by the score of 1-0 and that hasn't been done since April 18-19, 1913 for the Phillies. It is hard to believe the Phillies hadn't won two games together by a score of 1-0 since 1913, but it's rare that the Phillies win games 1-0 at all let alone back to back.

The Phillies now go to the All Star Break for 2010. For most of the Phillies players, it means having some time off. Just a couple days to relax, and unwind and be at home with family and friends. For some other Phillies, namely the whole coaching staff, and manager, Charlie Manuel, Roy Halladay, and Ryan Howard, will all be flying tonight to Anaheim along with the Cincinnati Reds representatives to the All Star Game.

The players going to the All Star Game and coaches were all given their jerseys today at the game just prior to the start of the ballgame. It was great to see Ruben Amaro handing the dark blue National League team jerseys out to those who were going. Chase Utley would have been on the field and playing for the National League hadn’t he had his injury, but he is still known as an All Star for winning the vote by a large margin for second base. Placido Polanco was beaten out by David Wright of the NY Mets in the fan voting in the last few days of voting. If Polanco had been healthy, I am sure Phillies fans would have been furiously voting for him.

Sign at the stadium today

   There was a funny sign at the stadium today, it said. “Please Win Today” in large letters and just below in smaller letters, “In 9 innings or less please”. This after the Phillies have been running into extra innings the first three games of the Cincinnati series, and winning so dramatically. The Phils only scored 1 run today for Cole Hamels, on a 3rd inning rbi single by Jimmy Rollins scoring Carlos Ruiz, but it was enough to sweep the Reds and bring the Phillies into the All Star Break still in third place but better than expected at 47-40, just below the Mets who are 48-40, and the Atlanta Braves who are 52-36 and in first place.
So the Phillies will pick it back up after the All Star Break in the great town of Chicago. They’ll play the Cubs for 4 games:
  • Thursday, July 15th at Chicago Cubs 8:05 PM
  • Friday, July 16th at Chicago Cubs 2:20 PM
  • Saturday, July 17th at Chicago Cubs 1:05 PM
  • Sunday, July 18th at Chicago Cubs 8:05 PM ESPN
  Then the Phillies travel to St. Louis for another 4 game series:
  • Monday, July 19th at St. Louis Cards 7:05 PM
  • Tuesday, July 20th at St. Louis Cards 8:15 PM
  • Wednesday, July 21st at St. Louis Cards 8:15 PM
  • Thursday, July 22nd at St Louis Cards 2:15 PM
  Then the Phillies will head home to Philly and 4 games against Colorado, and then 3 games against Arizona.

  Heard at citizens bank Park today

     Carlos Ruiz now has Phil Collins famous drum roll, from “In The Air Tonight” as his music as he comes up to bat! Sounds really good, and energizing!

      Boos rang out of the stands at Brad Lidge when he came out to close this one out. After the game, he said it didn't bother him and he hopes the team does better in the second half after the All Star Break. Don't forget perfection in 2008 also, it's hard to boo someone like Lidge who had such as awesome season in '08 but the fan's point of view is they want consistency and dependability for this season too.


  1. Fans should not boo their own. Especially taking the field, before they even had a chance to do anything! We all get frustrated, but how does that help keep the players going? We have to remember we are the '10th man' out there.

  2. I agree, it's always those few 'boo birds' that make the most noise though, I don't think it's indicative on the thoughts of the whole fanbase though.