Thursday, July 29, 2010

Phillies Talk Podcast - Stock Piling Aces

The Philadelphia Phillies have acquired Roy Oswalt, in a stunning near trade deadline trade. The Houston Astros moved Oswalt in exchange for JA Happ, who was one of the Phillies better pitchers, Happ had a 14-5 record for the team over the past few seasons. Oswalt will wear number 44, which he has worn in Houston for 10 years. He will pitch on Friday night in Washington DC, against the Washington Nationals.

The Phillies will now have three legitimate aces on the team, and tonight on the Phillies Talk podcast we wonder if that will be enough to win and get into the playoffs. Jim seems to be all for the trade while Rich has reserved his optimism because Oswalt wanted to come to the Phillies for one reason and that was to have a chance to win the World Series, but isn't that the goal of all players? Is Oswalt just another spoiled player with a 'no trade' contract who got his way and traded to a team that only he could approve of and the Phils might not have been his first choice as reported in the press. Do the Phillies become the "Yankees" of the National League with this move?

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