Tuesday, July 20, 2010

'Phillies Talk' Podcast - Reds and Cards trouble the Phils


   The Phillies haven't been playing that well lately, and we're talking about it on tonight's show. What can the Phillies do to improve themselves? Kyle Kendrick is banished to AAA and Amaro is talking like he's going to make some changes in the clubhouse.

   Will Jason Werth be a Phillies player by the trade deadline?  Join Rich and Jim on 'Phillies Talk' Podcast, the weekly independent internet radio show on the Phillies. Jim goes crazy on his "Get rid of Lidge" campaign, even though he was perfect in '08 - Rich has to restrain 'Jim Dog' from wanting to trade most of the team away on this exciting edition of the show.


  1. I wouldn't be surprised if Kyle Kendrick was just sent down until his next start due to the expectation that long inning pitching relief might be necessary against the Cardinals this week (Moyer last night, Kendrick didn't go 5 on Monday, and Blanton hasn't had his best season this year). As such, I'm not sure banished is the right term.

  2. Yes, banished is a bit tough. I feel bad for Kendrick though, he has 29 wins for the Phillies over the years but he can't seem to pitch a whole season for them and get a chance at a decent contract.