Friday, July 16, 2010

Phillies off to a ‘rocky’ second half of season

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   The Phils are now in what is known as the unofficial ‘second half’ of the season. With the loss today in Chicago, I think it’s safe to say that the Phillies are off to a bad start for the rest of the regular season. Every game is going to be somewhat crucial for them, and now they seem like a .500 ballclub. They win a couple then lose a couple, and right on down the line. They certainly aren’t displaying the results that the Braves have so far.

   This could be coming down to a matter of discipline, and just executing normal plays in baseball. I notice some Sundays that the Phillies don’t take batting practice at home, why? They aren’t playing that well that they deserve days off in the batting cages. Just last week, I watched the Reds take batting practice at CBP, they stayed on the field for extra time, working on bunts, hits, and just about everything you could do in batting practice. Could the Phillies just be banking on the fact that they tended to play better in the second half the last few years?

  This Phillies team is different, it’s not the same team as last year and it’s not the same team as 2008. Teams like they were are special, but now this Phillies team doesn’t look anything like they did. This team is losing game after game and is at a risk of finishing third or worse this season if this kind of Phillies baseball keeps up.


Current record:  47-42 with loss today, 6 GB with the Braves yet to play tonight


the Phillies Team on previous years on July 16th?

  • 2009  Phillies were in first place (49-38), 6 G win streak
  • 2008  Phillies were in first place (52-44), 1 G win streak
  • 2007  Phillies were in third place (46-46), 2 G losing streak
  • 2006  Phillies were in third place (42-48), 12 GB behind NY Mets

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