Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Latest win brings Phils to 4.5 GB from Atlanta



  The Phillies have shown a different side of themselves on this homestand. A sweep of the Rockies in 4 games was probably a 'pie in the sky' thought for most of the way the Phillies were playing on the road just a week and a half ago. That was then, and this is now. The Phillies have been quietly climbing back towards the Braves and first place.

  The bats have suddenly come alive and even though Brad Lidge has given us a scare over the last couple games, the wins still go into the win column. Lidge is the subject of another topic that I won’t get into here. He’s a changed pitcher since ‘08 and it seems like he is haunted by his success of ‘08.

  Joe Blanton has been pitching better, he got the win yesterday and he had this to say about an adjustment in his pitching delivery, "Ever since I made that adjustment, I felt like things have been going pretty well," Blanton said. "The ball's been down in the zone. I think that's been the biggest adjustment."

  Cole Hamels will face the Arizona Diamondbacks tonight, he’ll look for his 8th win of the year. That win total should be much higher for Cole, but do to many starts when he got no support, his win total isn’t that high. Here’s the run support for Cole:

0-2 Runs Scored 8 207 16 46 8 0 6 14 46 3.29 .222
3-5 Runs Scored 8 176 20 48 9 0 10 16 46 2.88 .273
6+ Runs Scored 4 97 15 25 8 0 3 11 28 2.55 .258
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Generated 7/27/2010.

Phast Stat: Did you know that Cole Hamels has never given up a 'Walk Off' home run in his career yet?

Cole needs to look out for Adam LaRoche from the Diamonbacks though, Adam has 3 HR off of Cole in his career so far.

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