Monday, July 19, 2010

It’s Saint Louis for the Phillies starting up four game series


arch2.pict  The St. Louis arch is a cool attraction to see


Last night, the Phillies lost on the national stage. Sunday Night Baseball was normally their chance to shine but instead, the Phillies didn’t shine too much as they were soundly defeated by the Cubs, 11-6. The game sounded closer than it was in the end, but make no mistake, this wasn’t close. Once again, the Phillies looked like they were in ‘punch clock’ mode, and couldn’t produce hardly anything for Roy Halladay early on. The Phils first runs didn’t come until the top of the 5th inning, and by the bottom of the 7th, the Cubs led this one 9-3.

One thing that sticks in my mind during the game on ESPN, Joe Morgan, who announces on the show, said that he spoke with Phillies manager Charlie Manuel about the team before the game. Charlie told Joe, in the past couple seasons the Phillies “Had It”, Morgan emphasized this many times as he was told his many times by Manuel. I wonder if Charlie hasn’t thrown in the towel on the season or is he just frustrated because the Phillies don’t seem to be having the success so far in this season.

The Phillies team moves on to St. Louis for 4 games. These games are getting more important, the more the Phillies lose. The Braves seem like they are unstoppable at this point in the season. They just keep winning. The Braves are 54-38, while the Phillies are still 5.5 GB from them.

   Tonight, it’s Kyle Kendrick on the mound for the Phillies. The Phillies are in a desperate need for a win, let’s see if they pick it up a notch tonight.

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