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Grading the Phillies at the All Star Break

   I am going to try to give an unbiased grading of the Phillies team at the All Star Break in 2010. The All Star Game itself is over, and though it was one of the lowest rated TV broadcasts for the game, the National League still found a way to win this game. Score one for the National League, it was a long time coming for them as the last time the Nationals won was 1996. That was in the last century for crying out loud!
  The Phillies of 2008, and 2009 could have used wins so the World Series would have started in Philadelphia. Instead that pleasure awaits the National League team that wins it all this year. Will it be the Phillies? I am not so sure the answer is yes to that.

  Anyway, onto the grades for the season leading up to the All Star Break for the Phillies in 2010.

Phillies Offense:  Overall Grade C-

  At times the Phillies offense looked brilliant this season so far. When all of the cylinders were firing, this is a well oiled machine built to win. The problem was this well oiled machine had a few break downs in the terms of players getting injured. What remained after the fact was a team that a lot of the time couldn’t make anything happen on the field despite times when great pitching was happening.
  Here’s a graph on the Phillies offense so far at the All Star Break, notice the team is near last in the National League in a few categories. AB’s and Hits are two of the categories the Phillies finished 13th out of 16 teams. Another disturbing stat is Stolen Bases, at which they were 15th in the National League.

CCarlos Ruiz159184511021303125.283.794
1BRyan Howard*34455101154176502686.294.859
2BChase Utley*2644973132113754037.277.849
SSWilson Valdez1682342824213421.250.665
3BPlacido Polanco261398315052731225.318.782
LFRaul Ibanez*292367118373923953.243.724
CFShane Victorino#35254881281448172946.250.766
RFJayson Werth2945283271134954083.282.881
SSJimmy Rollins#11818308141831815.254.793
SSJuan Castro124725500130722.202.483
3BGreg Dobbs*99719403121822.192.576
UTBen Francisco941023701123716.245.659
CBrian Schneider*72101720370812.236.710
UTRoss Gload*7051730312104.243.668
CDane Sardinha395820380113.205.712
CPaul Hoover18652002033.278.770
IFCody Ransom14230013012.214.695
PRoy Halladay513500010024.098.196
PCole Hamels*353620020010.171.400
PJamie Moyer*261200010213.077.220
PKyle Kendrick29121000007.069.172
PJoe Blanton27550000018.185.427
PJ.A. Happ*3000000011.000.250
PNelson Figueroa#4121000001.5001.250
PChad Durbin2000000002.000.000
PRyan Madson*1000000001.000.000
PDavid Herndon1000000001.000.000
PDanys Baez0000000000
PAntonio Bastardo0000000000
PScott Mathieson0000000000
PMike Zagurski*0000000000
PBrad Lidge0000000000
PJose Contreras0000000000
PJ.C. Romero#0000000000
Team Totals2961410755156219139043278553.255.737
Rank in 16 NL teams13513745131015117
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Generated 7/14/2010.

     Thanks to for the listing of stats! As you can see, it's not too late for the Phillies offense to turn things around but there are several areas of concern that you can see in this graph. Shane Victorino and Raul Ibanez need to start hitting better and getting on base more. Anytime you see Ibanez up for the Phillies anymore, one starts to think of an instant out in the making.

     Phillies Pitching: Overall Grade at All Star Break   C

        I'll give the Phillies the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their pitching staff. This grade could have been easily lower. Most of the time, we're seeing good starts from everyone except Joe Blanton this year. Blanton has been hit harder than any other Phillies starter. Let's again look at a chart to see who is doing what.

SPRoy Halladay107.5882.191970148.013741361119128
SPCole Hamels*77.5003.781800112.011050471939107
SPJamie Moyer*98.5294.511720107.2965854182062
SPKyle Kendrick53.6254.491710102.11055751152749
SPJoe Blanton35.3756.41130080.01036057151851
CLBrad Lidge101.0004.6000615.215883721
RPChad Durbin01.0003.3100035.131131331131
RPDanys Baez23.4004.4500032.132181641717
RPJose Contreras43.5712.7900329.023992933
RPJ.C. Romero*101.0002.4100318.2135511514
David Herndon02.0003.8600030.14213130813
Nelson Figueroa21.6673.4610126.02010101915
Antonio Bastardo*005.1100012.16771913
Ryan Madson201.0006.5500411.015882315
J.A. Happ*101.0000.0020010.1910085
Mike Zagurski*003.380005.1322138
Scott Mathieson0027.000000.2322000
Team Totals4740.5403.92871017777.076336233896222582
Rank in 16 NL teams71161141586613113
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Generated 7/14/2010.


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