Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cincinnati ‘Leaked’: Down by ‘just 5’ in the ninth, Phillies rally to win

Video highlights by MyPHL17

  The Phillies completed their best ‘come from behind wins’ of the season last year as they overcame great odds to mount a bottom of the 9th comeback by the Phillies.

  Tom McCarthy, Phillies announcer, announced when it was 6-1 that the Phillies were down by “Just 5” in the top of the 9th, what a strange remark, but Nostradamus like comment, to make. It then became a 7-1 Cincinnati lead in the top of the ninth and the Phillies looked like they would surely lose this one. 

  The Phillies have had their share of bad luck and losing lately, but this win has got to do a lot for the spirit of the team. The heroes names are changing. Dobbs and Schneider have already made their presence known though.  

   Greg Dobbs does it again with a three run HR to make it a 7-5 game in the bottom of the ninth. I wonder how many teams would reconsider picking him off the waiver wire now?

   “Who’s next?”, announced by McCarthy after the home run by Dobbs. Alluding to who was going to be the hero for the Phillies on this night.

    Never say die, the Phillies tied this one up in the bottom of the ninth with being down to their final out down, 7-5. The 7-7 tie came from a Cody Ransom HR that was deposited into the right field stands.

The Phils would need extra innings to win it, but Ryan Howard would seal this one with a long HR to send the Phillies fans home happy and Mike Leake from the Reds with a loss of impossible probability.

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