Wednesday, July 07, 2010

3 Questions for the Atlanta Braves blog "Tomahawk Talk"

I recently asked Scott Humphries, the owner of Tomahawk Talk, a blog that covers the Atlanta Braves, three questions about the Braves and here they are:

FightinPhillies:The All Star Game is next week in Anaheim, how to you like the Braves representatives and what do you think about Charlie Manuel taking your utility player, Omar Infante, to the All Star Game?

Tomahawk Talk: Well, it's great (albeit a little surprising) to see the fans choose Jason Heyward to start in the All-Star Game as a rookie. I really didn't expect that to happen, but it will be great to see Jason play in the game, assuming that he recovers from his thumb injury in time to do so. And with the Phillies' great second baseman Chase Utley currently injured and unable to play in the game, Martin Prado will get to start as well and Prado is having a great year for the Braves. The selections of Tim Hudson and Brian McCann were expected and well-deserved in my opinion. And Charlie's selection of Omar Infante is certainly an interesting pick that has generated a lot of discussion and debate, but Charlie apparently wanted to include a super-sub/utilty guy on the team, and Infante is one of the best in baseball. I'm surprised he was chosen, but happy for Omar.

Will the Braves sustain this run the rest of the season? Will they take this race down to the last week of the regular season when the Phillies are supposed to play down in Atlanta for the end of the regular season?

If the Braves stay healthy, I think they will continue to play well. The Braves were my preseason pick to win the NL wild-card race, and I still think that they will be a playoff team this year. And as you mentioned, the Braves and Phillies play each other six times in the final two weeks including the final three games of the season, and the NL East title could very well be hanging in the balance when they play those games. I still think both teams will be playoff teams though.

Who is the MVP of the Braves this year at the All Star Break?

That's a great question and it's not an easy question to answer. Martin Prado is having a great year and so is Troy Glaus. They are usually right in the middle of most of the Braves' rallies. I'll take the easy way out and name those two guys as my Braves' Co-MVP's for the first half of the season.

Thanks to Scott for his responses and if you want to read some questions he asked me about the Phillies, just click here to see those on Tomahawk Talk.

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