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Toronto Star Newspaper interview with Brandy Halladay on 'The Trade'

Roy Halladay and wife Brandy in 2009 photo by Getty images

  This is an awesome interview that appeared in the Toronto Star newspaper that was written by Richard Griffin. The story is here on the web and reprinted below

Interview with Brandy Halladay

A meeting had been arranged via email for Wednesday afternoon. An always welcoming Brandy Halladay stuck her head around the corner in the press box at Citizens Bank Park, spotted a familiar face from Toronto and smiled. This first year with the Phillies has not been an easy transition for Roy's better half as she tries to find her own way and establish herself in her second community of baseball wives. She admitted to still having no idea where she was going most of the time in the unfamiliar surroundings after 12 years of comfort in Toronto. We found a quiet conference room and began a 45-minute conversation about all aspects of life in Toronto and Roy's departure from the Jays.
Richard Griffin: Things changed so quickly in December and the next thing that Toronto fans knew is that you guys were in Philly talking to a Philly audience and the reaction that I got from readers and from fans was that 'It didn't take them long to forget about us.' I just wanted to...
Brandy Halladay: Really? It didn't take us long to forget. Are you kidding me? That shocks me. That absolutely shocks me.
RG: -Everything was suddenly moving ahead rather than reflective. One day you're in Toronto. Next day you're in Philly. Nobody there was asking you your favourite memories of Toronto and what things about the city are going to stay with you and this and that. It was because it happens so fast.
BH:-I guess it would seem like that to other people. For us it wasn't fast at all. This wasn't something that was overnight. And it wasn't 'So long, see you later.' When J.P. was still with them, he had come to us and said what about this extension, blah, blah, blah. He was under a lot of pressure to get us to sign this extension. And they offered us money. They offered us a lot of money. Like we said, it's not about the money, it's about putting ourselves in the position to attain the goals we set for ourselves. And we said at this time we can't sign that extension because we don't know where the team's going. This is a year before J.P. was even fired...well, however that went down. So at that point we had been asked for a list of teams. And that was six months before the trade deadline last year. That was before the season started, the middle of December the year before. So for us it had been drawn out. When spring training came we said, 'Look of you're going to do this do it now. Don't do it during the year because it's a media frenzy for the team, it's a media frenzy for us. Either get it done or let us do our job. They didn't get it done so we said, okay, well we're here for the year. We never went to them and said we want a trade. They came to us every time. Then the all-star break came.We were furious. It was really difficult because we said we don't want this to be a media circus. Our goal is to still win for this team. Our goal is to still play. If you guys can get this done quietly, get it done. That's fine. But, again, they came to us, we didn't go to them and say we wanted to get traded, we wanted out of here. They came to us and said we need to give therm a list of teams to get this done. They told us we're not going to win, we're going to rebuild. We're going to drop it down. They said if you go everyone's going to follow and this is our plan and we said okay, you let us know. It was so drawn out, so long. It was a year and a half for us.
RG: Roy didn't seem to have a very good time at the All-Star Game.
BH: It was horrible. It was horrible. That was the worst month of my life. No, that's not true. There have been far worse. But that was a really stressful month and it affected him personally, it affected him professionally, everything. But I'm still stunned that people would blows my mind that you said that and it makes me really sad. It really makes me sad that people would think that, but I understand why.
RG: Can you not see that one day in December Doc was theirs and the next day he's at a press conference in Philadelphia and not dissing in any way what had happened before, but everything was looking ahead and (Jays fans) wanted to hear what he missed about Toronto. From '95 to 2009 he was a member of the organization.
BH: For us, that first trade deadline, there were so many times that we did reminisce, that whole month because we thought for sure this was getting done. We thought we were gone and that was hard for us. We were thinking this might be my last food drive. This might be the last this or the last that. It was really hard. When I left before that All-Star Game, knowing I wasn't coming back. It was really hard. At that time people knew that the Blue Jays were shopping us around. J.P. had told us that they were going to do it quietly.
RG: It was far from quiet.
BH: Yeah and that's one of the things I'm really proud of is we kept the promises that we made. We were told not to say anything. We didn't say anything. I don't know where the information came from, but my family didn't even know that we were in Philly. They asked us not to say anything. But they were the ones at the All-Star break. Somebody out there had that information and J.P. did come out very publicly and say, 'If I get what I want, we'll trade him.' So I guess at that point people should probably have seen, 'You know what, this is kind of coming to an end.' So for me, it didn't seem like it was quick. To me it seemed like it was so drawn out. And painful. It didn't need to be handled so slowly. It was slow for me.

                          Read the rest of the article via the link above to the Toronto Star...

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