Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Tide Turns for the Phillies Against the Yankees

Pettite has been one of the Yankees best pitchers so far this year, but the Phillies beat him tonight

It's a crazy game, the Phillies who looked so bad just earlier in the week have strung together two good games against the World Champion New York Yankees. The Phillies won this series in New York after things looked bleak after the first game in the series that saw Roy Halladay get lit up by Yankee bats. The final tonight was 7-1 after last night's win was 8-3 for the Phillies.

It was a tale of two pitchers for the Phillies as Jamie Moyer and Kyle Kendrick put up two great pitching performances. The Phillies bats came alive as well the last two nights, and suddenly there looks to be light where there was a whole lot of darkness just days ago.

The Yankees and Andy Pettite looked poised to want to take this game from the Phillies but it wasn't to be, and the grim faced Pettite, as he looks before he delivers many of his pitches, took the loss in tonight's game. He falls to 8-2 while Kendrick got the win and went to 4-2.

The Phillies come home to Citizen's Bank Park now, and the Minnesota Twins will be the next opponent here in Interleague play. Minnesota brings their first place AL Central team into Philadelphia with a record of 38-28. The Twins are 1.5 games up on the Detroit Tigers. The Twins also have a 15-15 Road record so far.

Justin Morneau and Denard Span lead the offense for the Twins, and Carl Pavano has 7 wins for the Twins and leads them in IP with 87.1 so far.

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