Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rolen loves to play against the Phillies

He was drafted by the Phillies in 1993, and he reached the majors in 1996, he even played for the Phillies for six years. He was the Rookie of the Year in 1997. Despite his early success in the league for the Phillies, Scott Rolen seems to take delight to beat the team that gave him his start in the MLB.

Rolen in his defense asked to be traded from the Phillies after years of bad teams that the Phillies fielded, and he didn't think management was committed to putting a winning team on the field. In the years he played for the Phillies ('96-'02), the best record the Phillies had those years was a 2nd place finish in 2001.

Last night, Rolen, who is playing now for the Reds, hit a home run and had three RBI's for the Reds who went on to beat the Phillies 7-3. This isn't the first time that Rolen has played a big part in beating the Phillies. He's done it before as a Cardinal, and Blue Jay.

The Phillies fans still remember Rolen, they will boo him at every opportunity there is at Citizen's Bank Park. You don't want to play for the Phillies? You'll have to face the wrath of the fans for rest of your career.

Rolen is 35 now, and it's hard to believe he is now in the twilight of his baseball career, it all went by too fast. Not for the Phillies though, Scott still goes out of his way to make it tough for his old team.

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