Saturday, June 05, 2010

Phillies will go for three in a row, Sunday against Padres

       The Phillies have been on a bit of a losing streak but with two wins in the pocket for first two games of this home stand, the Phillies are now poised to take three of four from the Padres on Sunday afternoon. The Phils started their 7 game home stand with hopes that they would snap out of the funk that had been in since the middle of May.

      These last two games have seen several of the Phillies that have been ice cold, suddenly start to heat up again. Shane Victorino in particular and Jason Werth have seemed to tuck their personal batting struggles into their back pockets as they carried the Phillies to victory on Saturday night, 6-2.

     The ageless wonder, Jamie Moyer, also won his 100th game since turning 40 years old and pitched his second complete game of this season. He looked very tired into the 9th but he got the job done, as Brad Lidge warmed up to back him up if needed.

      The Padres have been a great team on the road this season. They came into Philly with a 14-9 road record, but now it stands at 14-11. They are in a race in the NL West that is a tie between the Dodgers and the Padres after the loss with the Phillies Saturday night, but the Dodgers still had to play out west at 10:05 PM Eastern.

      The Padres will go to New York and play the Mets after this series with the Phillies that wraps up on Monday night in Philly. The Phillies will welcome in the Florida Marlins for a three game series. At the end of the Phillies game with the win, the Phillies were 1.5 games back in the NL East but the Atlanta Braves still had to play their game out west, so we'll find out on Sunday just where the Phillies are in the standings.

     It's Joe Blanton for the Phillies on Sunday, he is 1-4 with a 5.68 ERA so far this year.

    Jon Garland lost tonight's game against the Phillies for the Padres, and Garland has never beat the Phillies in his career. He is 0-4 now.


  1. "KIDS! Get off my lawn!!" Jamie is my favorite Phillie, I'm thrilled it looks like he's our second man now. Didn't Jim-dog want to stuff him in the pen? ;)

  2. Yes, I do remember Jimmy wanting to banish him to the pen.

    Moyer goes out there and looks great sometimes and others you think 'this is the end'. Remember that game in LA? I don't think he made it out of the first inning in that one.

    Moyer's a survivor though, I admire him greatly.