Sunday, June 13, 2010

Phillies try to salvage Boston series before NY



It’s no secret that we haven’t seen the best of Phillies baseball in the past couple weeks. The team seems to lack something, what that is maybe a winning spirit. They’ve tried a lot of things to break this cycle already, but this afternoon in Boston they will be out to try to salvage this series before the Phillies move on to the NY Yankees on Tuesday night.

Key Phillies players just haven’t been making the plays on the field that have contributed to the team winning. When the pitching goes well, the bats fall silent and when the pitching goes bad, the Philllies seem to fall far behind early and don’t rally to get back at a team.


   June Swoon Statistics

Ryan Howard’s batting average for June so far is .308  (12-39)  with 2 home runs. His career total is at 232 HR.

Chase Utley’s batting average for June so far is .171 (6-35)  10 games into the month of June and Utley has only 6 hits to show for it.

  Raul Ibanez’s batting average for the month of June is .250 (9-36) with 4 RBI and 0 home runs. He only has 3 HR on the season so far.


   Cole Hamels looks for a win today after the tough loss he took in his last start against San Diego. Cole pitched a great game but ended up losing 3-1 to the Padres. This will be his 13th start of the year. He is 5-5 after losing his last 3 starts.

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