Friday, June 04, 2010

Phillies look to end pre-summer slump against Padres

                  The Phillies need to remember these days to bust up this slump
      The most recent slump of the Phillies has a lot of fans scratching their heads. The team has been in this pre-summer funk now for about 2 weeks. It started with the Boston series and with the exception of a couple wins in the middle of this prolonged slump, the Phillies now wake up this morning to start their series at home against the Padres a whole 3 games back in the NL East behind the Atlanta Braves.

       The problem has been scoring runs. Batters have been getting on base, but with RISP, the Phillies just can't seem to get any of them home. The Phillies promptly started the month of June with two losses and were swept by the Braves in Atlanta. The Phillies have only scored a total of 14 runs since the slide started on May 22nd, when they were shutout at home against Boston and Dice-K Matsuzaka. It seems like the Phillies have all been affected by this slump, as no one on the team is standing out as doing ok offensively.

      All of this can change tonight, and that's the good thing. Roy Halladay is back on the mound after pitching baseball's 20th Perfect Game in Florida last Saturday. It was one of the rarest moments in baseball, and a sure highlight to this year for the Phillies no matter what happens down the road for the team.

       The slump has had a devastating effect on players batting averages. No Phillies regular position player has an average over .300 anymore. Jason Werth is only a few points away from .300.

       We'll see if tonight is the night they turn a new leaf, there is just something wrong with the Phillies and right now it seems like nothing is working to change that.

         San Diego is leading the NL West with a 31-22 record.

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