Saturday, June 12, 2010

Phillies free fall into third place





   Game 2 in Boston was similar to the first game on Friday night. The result: Phillies lose 10-2 this time around. Joe Blanton just went out there and the Red Sox hit everything he threw, Joe even giving up a Grand Slam to a player who just was seeing his first major league pitch. When things are going bad for the Phillies, they really go bad, and today was no exception.

   The game looked very much like yesterday’s game, there were plenty of hits off of the ‘green monster’ in left field, and plenty of balls just dropping in for hits, but sometimes that’s how you win games. The Red Sox have had a great two days at the plate, they’ve been feasting on Phillies pitching and putting the ball in play. The Phillies offense responded a little today but not enough to get anyone’s undivided attention.

   There was a ‘player’s only’ meeting with the Phillies before the game today in Boston and what was said probably didn’t have enough staying power to bring the team victory but at least there are words being spoken about this drought. The players got into this and they’ll have to get out of it.

    The Phillies will try again on Sunday afternoon in beantown, Cole Hamels is scheduled for the Phillies against Tim Wakefield and his knuckleball for the Red Sox. 1:35 PM is the game time, it will be on TBS tomorrow.


     NL East  Standings as of Saturday night: 

Team             Record                   Games Back         Last 10 

Atlanta Braves 36-27     5-5
New York Mets 34-28 1.5 GB 7-3
Phillies 31-29 3.5 GB 3-7
Florida 30-32 5.5 GB 5-5
Washington 30-33 6.0 GB 4-6

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