Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father’s Day, Phils look to contain Twins

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 Howard is heating up with home runs lately

The game last night seemed destined for the win column. The Phillies were up big on the Twins and heading into the 9th inning, it seemed all but a done deal. Jim Thome came up for the Twins with a man on base, the hometown Phillies crowd showered Thome with a standing ovation and he promptly went up to the plate and contributed to a Phillies loss by hitting a mammoth home run that reached the Twins bullpen in center field. Phillies fans even cheered his home run, as he has been a fan favorite here for years. I don’t think Phillies fans knew how their cheers would soon turn against them, as the Twins just started their miraculous comeback.

Blame this one on the bullpen, the Phillies supposed win imploded after the bullpen let up 5 runs in the 9th inning. Jose Contreras had 3ER of the 5 runs the Twins scored to tie this game in the 9th and then Brad Lidge earned the blown save giving up 2ER, and Cole Hamels 8th win disappeared for now. From a sure thing to a loss in quick order.

There were 23 runs scored in Saturday’s game with 29 hits. Hamels pitched a real nice game, going 7.0 IP, with 7 SO and only 2 BB. If there ever should have been a win by Hamels, it should have been last night’s game. The Phillies did rally back to tie this game in the 10th inning after the Twins went ahead with a Ross Gload home run, it was a great sight to see Gload step up big for the Phillies off the bench. The Phils eventually lost the game in the 11th though.

  Today around the country and at the ballpark is Father’s Day. Dad’s will be getting a Gary ‘Sarge’ Mathews styled Phillies hat sponsored by Chevrolet at the ballpark today in Philly.

 The Phillies wrap up their first ever series in the regular season with the Twins today. It will be Roy Halladay (8-5) for the Phillies against the Twins and Carl Pavano (7-6). 

      Halladay’s starts in 2010 so far:

1Apr 5PHI@WSNW,11-1GS-7W(1-0)7.01.2988
2Apr 11PHI@HOUW,2-1CGW(2-0)9.00.56111
3Apr 16PHIFLAW,8-6GS-8W(3-0)8.01.12100
4Apr 21PHI@ATLW,2-0SHOW(4-0)9.00.82113
5Apr 26PHI@SFGL,1-5GS-7L(4-1)7.01.80104
6May 1PHINYMW,10-0SHOW(5-1)9.01.47118
7May 6PHISTLW,7-2GS-7W(6-1)7.01.45119
8May 12(1)PHI@COLL,3-4GS-76.11.59121
9May 18PHIPITL,1-2CGL(6-2)9.01.64132
10May 23PHIBOSL,3-8GS-6L(6-3)5.22.2299
11May 29PHI@FLAW,1-0SHOW(7-3)9.01.99115
12Jun 4PHISDPW,3-2GS-7W(8-3)7.02.03108
13Jun 10PHIFLAL,0-2GS-8L(8-4)8.01.96118
14Jun 15PHI@NYYL,3-8GS-6L(8-5)6.02.36100
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