Sunday, June 20, 2010

Halladay is hit hard, Phillies offense rests on Father's Day

Brad Lidge's father, Ralph Lidge talks to Jim Jackson before the game on Father's Day
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The Phillies went out on Father's Day and proceeded to do something that is becoming too familiar to them and that is lose a ball game. Usually when Roy Halladay starts a game, the Phillies have ended up on a winning note. Not today though on the day that they honor Dad's everywhere, balls were flying off of Twins bats faster than you could shake a stick.

Halladay looked uncomfortable out there on the mound today, he walked up and down the mound and continuously grabbed the rosin bag to dry his hands. His pace of the game really wasn't too good either, and when it was all done and said, he gave up 11 H to the Twins today and 4 R, 3 of which were ER. The Twins were hitting the ball at will, the score probably should have been higher for them, but they were held to 4 runs on the day but that was enough for them to win.

The offense sputtered again with Halladay on the mound. The conditions at the ballpark weren't the best, it was very hot and humid and the Phillies bats just didn't get the job done this afternoon. Carl Pavano went the distance for the Twins and stood strong on the mound only giving up 4 H to the Phillies all afternoon. It seemed to take forever for the Phillies to even get a hit on the afternoon, and they didn't get too much after that.

The Phillies looked weary and tired, and the Monday off day is just what they need to give them a chance to recharge the batteries as they continue on to face the American League in Interleague Play. The Cleveland Indians are in starting Tuesday for three games, and then the weekend has the Phillies staying home, but they will be the 'away' team against the Blue Jays in the series that was moved to Philadelphia.

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