Friday, June 25, 2010

G20 Summit means relocation of Toronto series to Philly this weekend

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Workers put up fencing around Rogers Center in Toronto

The G20 Summit will be held in Toronto this weekend, and that meant scheduling difficulties galore for Canadian officials that wanted to focus specifically on this summit this weekend in Toronto. President Obama will be there along with 19 other emerging nations to discuss financial issues and humanitarian issues, and security remains an issue around the neighboring areas of downtown Toronto.  Not the kind of atmosphere you want when you trying to play the simple game of baseball.

The Phillies will be the ‘road team’ this weekend in Philly even though they are right at home in their own stadium. The designated hitter rule will be in effect, and the Blue Jays will be known as the home team complete with the Canadian National anthem. The series wasn’t ‘forced’ out of Toronto, but the ballclub there though it would be the best thing to do as parking and other accommodations would be harder to come by with all of the summit and press in town at the same time as the series.

   The Phillies and the Blue Jays came up with an equitable way to share the revenues for this weekend’s games and starting tonight, the Phillies will wear their road gray uniforms at Citizens Bank Park.

  Starting pitching for this weekend series:
  • Halladay- Friday night
  • Hamels – Saturday late afternoon
  • Moyer – Sunday afternoon
 * This late note from the Elias Sports Bureau tells that the Phillies hits and other stats will be considered as 'home stats' even though the games are supposed to be road games. Go figure.

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