Sunday, June 06, 2010

Forget about Strasburg, Phillies may face Marlins ‘secret weapon’ on Tuesday

      Dan Meyer talks about Michael Stanton

  The Washington Nationals may be ready to unleash their top prospect, Stephen Strasburg (21 yrs. old), on Tuesday night in D.C., but the Florida Marlins may be unveiling their future star against the Phillies on Tuesday night as well.

  Tuesday night may be the Major League debut of Marlins phenom, Mike Stanton (20 yrs old), whose full name is actually Giancarlo Cruz – Michael Stanton.

   Both of these players are supposed to be the next level of superstars in the game of baseball. We’ve heard that before with hype from Phillies minor leaguers as well, so we’ll have to see how these players do when they actually start playing before we declare them superstars.

    Michael Stanton was associated with 500 foot plus homeruns with a quick short swing similar to Chase Utley’s swing. We’ll see if he can get out of Citizen’s Bank Park when and if he makes his debut here.

   Couple all of this news with the MLB 'First Year Player Draft 2010' will start Monday night. The Phillies will have the 27th pick of the draft and will make their pick about 9:25 PM Monday night.

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