Wednesday, June 23, 2010 picks for the All Star Game 2010


American League Picks

Position Player + Team Notes
AL First Base J Morneau, Twins M Cabrera close second
AL Second Base R Cano, Yankees Extraordinary year for him
AL Shortstop D Jeter, Yankees A Gonzalez close second
AL Third Base E Longoria, Rays Tough player having a good year
AL Catcher J Buck, Blue Jays Having a monster year
AL Outfielders J Hamilton, Rangers Great 2010 for Josh
“ “ M Ordonez, Tigers Awesome year for Magglio
  C Crawford, Rays 6 Triples, 7 HR through 6/23/10

Designated Hitter                V Guerrero, Rangers           Vlad is tearing it up


National League PIcks

NL First Base R Howard, Phillies Have to give slight edge to Ryan, Puljols close second
NL Second Base C Utley, Phillies Best 2nd Baseman
NL Shortstop H Ramirez, Marlins Best overall shortstop in NL
NL Third Base D Wright, Mets S Rolen is a close second choice, Polly third
NL Catcher R Barajas, Mets Rod is having a career year
NL Outfielders R Braun, Brewers .310 BA with power
“  “ C Hart, Brewers 18 HR so far
  M Byrd, Cubs .323 BA, 9 HR so far
Designated Hitter M Prado, Braves Having a nice 2010

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