Saturday, May 08, 2010

Weekend Bookshelf: Back Again: The Story Of The 2009 Phillies


  Rich Westcott has written many books about the Phillies. If you follow this blog and the podcast we do called “Phillies Talk”, you can hear Rich Westcott on a recent show talking about the latest book he has out which is “Back Again The Story Of The 2009 Phillies”, along with his other fine Phillies book, “Philadelphia Phillies Past and Present.”

  Westcott wrote his book about the 2009 team where many authors did not. It’s great to follow a team that wins the World Series, as the 2008 Phillies team did, by writing a book, but it’s the team that loses that doesn’t get much of the spotlight. Rich Westcott wrote a book perhaps about one of the most important parts of modern Philadelphia Phillies history. The Phillies are inside of one of the 'dynasty' moments of this franchise.

  There were several important things that happened in 2009 with the Phillies. The team lost their ‘voice’ in Harry Kalas in 2009, and they defied to odds to make it back to the World Series with Cliff Lee, who the team picked up at the trade deadline. There was so much happening in 2009, even though the team lost the World Series, it was important that these important happens were captured in a well written book.

  With the recent passing of Robin Roberts, another piece of the fabulous Phillies of the 1950’s was silenced forever. Roberts was present at a lot of Phillies functions and he’ll be missed, Rich talks about his career in the ‘Back Again’ book too.

   All in all, this book goes right up there with one of my favorite few Phillies books, it chronicles an era of the team that may be the greatest era of all time for the Phillies franchise so far. The book is a must have for the serious Phillies fan.

    I’ve said this before, don’t wait to buy some of these treasured Phillies books, go out there and get a copy before they are sold out and out of print, try to find books from 1980 on the Phillies- chances are you won’t find many. Don’t miss out on this one.

  Thanks to Rich Westcott and Middle Atlantic Press- for "Back Again: The Story Of The 2009 Phillies."

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