Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spy charges damage Phillies reputation; fire Billmeyer

Phillies Binoculars  
        Billmeyer in Denver   photo:  AP

The recent story of last week that the Phillies were ‘spying’ on hitters was one that we’ve heard before. A few other teams that the Phillies play have also said this about the team and now with the recent proof in Denver, it appears that something was going on.

  Most of the coaches and players in MLB baseball could have probably done the same thing as far as predicting pitches that are about to be thrown though. Listen to any game on the television or radio and you’ll hear the announcers of the game even predict pitches in certain situations.

Marlins SS, Hanley Ramirez, makes fun of the Phillies in Florida recently on TV

  What was going on in the Phillies bullpen then with Mick Billmeyer, Phillies bullpen coach, who was caught on film with binoculars? Having binoculars while in a MLB bullpen is a real no-no and Billmeyer knew this. Why then did he choose to bring them to the park and use them? Was he scouting pitches that are thrown to the Phillies or trying to steal signs and if he was stealing signs, how did he relay this information? One of the batters, Shane Victorino, was also shown to have picked up the bullpen phone and spoke to Billmeyer.

    Phillies manager, Charlie Manuel, reacted by denying the charges of spying and as the story continued to unfold, he then told the Rockies to ‘stop crying’ about it. Soon after making those comments, he then assumed a more of a ‘no comment’ type of answer.

  The Phillies should send a clear message to the league and the MLB by firing Billmeyer for this activity. Charlie Manuel said he had no idea that Billmeyer had a set of binoculars in the bullpen. This conduct by Billmeyer alone called the whole organization into question and the Phillies organization shouldn't compromise itself by trying to cover it up. We’ll see what happens as this story continues to unfold.

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