Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Power drought continues for Phillies



 The Phillies scoring power has dried up recently

   We all saw that the Phillies had a serious problem over the weekend scoring runs. Maybe it was the pitching of the Boston Red Sox? The Phillies team seemed to be unstoppable just a week ago, and now suddenly can’t produce runs as the end of May is nearing.

  Teams will go through these cycles, but the scary thing is when it starts happening and there doesn’t seem like there is any solutions in sight to solve it. The problem is not so much getting hits, it scoring runners after they’ve reached base. Something more drastic has to be started to jump start this. Sacrifice flies, and bunting ahead runners should be used more often. Just letting batters go up there and swing away is normally how Manuel approaches hitting, but I think he should start trying to ‘manufacture’ runs rather than sitting back and seeing what happens.

   The Mets seem like a team on the upswing. They beat the Yankees over the weekend and that’s enough to put them into good spirits heading into this series with the Phillies. Jason Bay hit two home runs against the Yankees on Sunday Night Baseball, and have won 3 or 4 heading into tonight’s first game of the series with the Phillies. This is the first time in a while that the Phillies have faced back to back knuckleball pitchers and it seems they haven’t quite picked up on hitting the knucklers yet.

    Phillies players who have ‘dried up’ in the last few days:

          Placido Polonco -  4-23 on the homestand prior to NY

          Carlos Ruiz – 1-17            “                       “

          Shane Victorino – 5-27      “                     “

           Greg Dobbs  -  1 – 10       “                    “

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