Monday, May 17, 2010

Pittsburgh no match for Phillies powerhouse

Kendrick gets a win for the Phillies at home vs. the Pirates

   The Phillies came into tonight's game with a mission in mind. Keep winning! That is what they did tonight on a drizzly, rainy evening at Citizens Bank Park. The team they whipped was their cross state rivals, the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pirates fans must be a loyal group because this team has the makings of losing 100+ games this year. The Phillies opened up the powerhouse and produced 12 runs to the Pirates 2.

 The Pittsburgh Pirates are a team that has seen it's fair share of stars in the past few years. Every time they get a worthy player though, they trade him off to a contending team and then go quietly back to trying to find the next 'superstar'. That is all the Pirates seem to do lately, get a decent player and then trade them off for next to nothing.

   Five players that played for the Pirates became stars and then left:

  •     Jason Bay
  •     Xavier Nady
  •    Nate McLouth
  •     Freddy Sanchez
     There have been many more other than these recent players also. The question is why?

     It doesn't get any better for the Pirates either, they face Roy Halladay in the last game of the series of 2 games in Philly with the Pirates. The moribund Cubbies move into town for Wednesday and Thursday for another short 2 game series just before Inter-League play starts up bringing the Red Sox into Philly for the weekend.

   Welcome back Jimmy Rollins, the spark plug of this team! Ryan Howard with a Grand Slam tonight, the score was 8-2 when he hit this one, so it's good for his stats. I want to start seeing Howard start hitting more in the clutch when it makes a difference.

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