Saturday, May 15, 2010

Phillies wearing throwback 70’s uniforms a hit with fans

Moyer Throwback Jersey 2010 

     Moyer fit right into the uniform of the 70’s Phillies in Milwaukee last night!


   You couldn’t help but feeling like you were younger last night while watching the Phillies play the Milwaukee Brewers during the Brewers ‘throwback jersey’ night. The Phillies wore their powder blue uniforms that a lot of us fans grew up with last night. Both the Phillies and the Brewers donned their 1970’s looks.

Phillies 70s Road Uniforms

     A lot of the Phillies players looked as if they have stepped out of a page of the 70’s or 80’s and they really looked great in the old uni’s. The Phillies announcers on television were even going back to the memory banks to recall their favorite players of the 70’s and 80’s that wore certain numbers that the current players were wearing.

Phillies 73-96 Road Uniforms

             The 1973-1986 jerseys had the zipper

     A lot of fans twittered back and forth using the social networking service called Twitter last night about the jerseys. @FightinPhillies is on Twitter and we got a lot of responses on the jerseys the Phillies were wearing last night, the fans want to see more of them!

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