Sunday, May 02, 2010

Moyer's chance to shine on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball tonight

     I guess the baseball world would have rather seen Roy Halladay take on Johan Santana but tonight on the National broadcast of ESPN Sunday Night baseball, it will Jamie Moyer taking the ball for the Phillies. Moyer has the benefit of throwing after Halladay’s 90 + MPH fastball outing and that could be a good thing for him. Jamie’s fastball is in the low to mid 80’s and he’ll hope to keep the Mets off balance in the last game of the three game series tonight.

       Moyer is a gamer, he’s also one of the oldest pitchers to start a game in the MLB. He’s not really old, but he is old my MLB pitcher’s standards. Jamie was born in 1962, and is a Philadelphia area native. He was born in Sellersville, PA, and went to college at St. Joseph’s. Moyer is 2-2 with a 5.25 ERA so far this year.
       The Phillies are 9-3 on their last 12 appearances on Sunday NIght Baseball according to tonight’s press notes, so this is a good thing. I am sure we’ll hear lots of stories about Jamie’s great career tonight, so it will be very entertaining to watch on TV.

          I’ll be sending some tweets out about the game from the ESPNzone at Disney World so if you like you can follow me on twitter @fightinphillies and be sure to click on the special twitter page here on the website for more tweets about the Phillies and the Mets game tonight.
               Tonight’s Starters:
     Moyer   2-2   with a  5.25 ERA
           Santana  3-1 with a 2.08 ERA

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